Can't Play WoW anymore with today's patch

That’s a bummer, OP. Your laptop isn’t even that old. Maybe check the technical support forum to see if there’s a way around it.

not all of us can afford desktops or laptops that are 800+ some of us are adults and live paycheck to paycheck taking care of our bills and our families.


I would recommend posting in the support forums (specifically the technical support forum) and providing your gfx card model and driver version.

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I’m sorry that your computer is obsolete, but that’s just how it goes. Technology moves on at a pretty fast pace.

Get a job.

Is your laptop using Windows 7? If it is the problem may be that you just have to update your video drivers

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What gpu do you have? I’ve seen it spit a similar message at my brother before. Turns out we could just tell it to shut up and the game launches anyway.

Update your drivers if you haven’t and try again. Unless you have some ancient gpu.

That is still a 100% you problem. Technology moves on. You either keep up or don’t. It sucks, but that’s what it is.

You’re not entitled to pay WoW, time to save up and build your own budget gaming PC.

ya it has windows 7 and i tried that it says my drivers are up to date

Open device manager and check under your display adapters. Tell us what it says please! :slight_smile:

Ignore the trolls giving you crap. It’s legitimate to be frustrated about this. It’s not like you bought a brand new game only to discover your laptop was outdated … it’s the same game you’ve been playing for years. You should not need to update an entire gaming rig just because your old, tried-and-true game updated its graphics (or whatever) in a mid-expansion patch.

I couldn’t afford to upgrade right now either. I feel your pain. If tech support has a workaround, please update us! I’m terrified I might find I have this problem soon …


i said in the post it has AMD Firepro m4000 for graphics and a I5-3320M processor.

4 or 5 years out of a laptop is pretty good. I’d be satisfied with that.

And while I think it’s unfortunate that you suddenly can’t play, everyone else has to keep their devices up-to-date. There’s no exceptions to that, unless you play old games that don’t get updated.

Perhaps you’ll find answers though.

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i know its a older laptop and ik its on the low end but its in the middle of a expansion and it was fine then today’s patch just made it to where i can’t even launch it.Pretty dumb for that to be happening mid expansion.


My bad man. Can’t believe I overlooked that.

That isn’t even a gaming gpu though. That being said, it supports dx11 so it SHOULD work. I’ll look around and see if I can find anything.

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ya i know it’s not meant for gaming Vadimier it’s all i have atm tho and like i said it’s been working perfectly fine till now sadly :(.

There…you feel better now?

Ty Vadimier let me know if you find anything please.

Try what the blue suggests in this thread. Hopefully it works for you.