Can't need on Normal with upgraded LFR gear

So it has come to my attention that if you upgraded an LFR piece to max, you are not able to need roll on the same piece on Normal difficulty, because its upgraded LFR ilvl is higher than the base Normal ilvl.

I assume the same philosophy applies to Normal/Heroic and Heroic/Mythic.

This seems like a huge flaw in the looting system that needs to be looked at ASAP. Whether or not we can roll need on an item should be based on the BASE ilvl of the gear and not the UPGRADED ilvl.


This seems like something overlooked but quite significant since the cap on normal gear is going to be higher… you should definitely be able to roll on it.

Blizz has been quick with hotfixes this expac so I am going to assume this will be fixed by next week… hopefully won’t be disappointed.


Probably just a bug, but just have to wait and see. 10.1 has been full of bugs, but somethings have been getting quick hotfixes. Hopefully there will be a hotfix for this not too far into the future.

I wish we’d get some sort of answer if this is a bug or intended.


This isn’t a flaw, this is the response from people complaining that people who helped kill a boss got equal rights to loot as the person who AFK died 5 seconds in.

In short: you cannot need on lower ilvl gear. It’s not a bad system. Just have to plan on how you intend to upgrade gear

No, it is a bad system. What you’re telling me is that I’m not supposed to upgrade gear that I won in a raid above rank 5/8 or else I won’t be eligible to get AN UPGRADE in a higher difficulty.


Ah yes, I forget that an LFR 5/8 definitely beats out Heroic level gear. Big brain energy there.

It’s to keep people who are 440 ilvl from getting 424 gear before someone who’s 421.

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No, but LFR 5/8 ties Normal gear. So someone who has upgraded their LFR piece to 5/8 or higher, can no longer Need roll on the piece on Normal (which has a higher max upgrade ilvl and would be, by upgrading it, an upgrade).

Same goes for 5/8 Normal gear and Heroic and 5/8 Heroic gear and Mythic.


But why do you even need something of a lower iLVL? Trinkets aside because raid trinkets don’t upgrade the effect of the trinket, only the base stats, if you have a higher iLVL piece you don’t actually need the item.

EDIT: NVM me, I forgot the upgrade thing from normal and onwards is higher.

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The max upgrade ilvl is higher in higher difficulties. For example: LFR has a base ilvl of 402 and you can upgrade it to a maximum of 424, while Normal has a base ilvl of 415 and you can upgrade it to a maximum of 437.

And this is why you stick to personal loot. Outstanding move, Activision.


This is the result of people complaining about personal loot for the reasons the OP is complaining about.

No, it just means you can’t roll need against someone of a lower ilvl who rolled need. And this only applies to queued content.

You can still trade items freely inside premade content (and perhaps LFR still? I haven’t tried it yet).

So all it does is stop you from rolling against someone with a lower ilvl item than you. So if your maxed out LFR chest is higher than Joeblows Normal chest, he can still give you the chest if he wins.

It’s to combat queued trivial content where people complain about not getting free gear for being carried by those who do have the gear to carry.

It was fine last season when there weren’t tiers of upgradeable gear. Now there is and that’s an issue. It should go by whether it’s Adventurer or Veteran, not ilevel.

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Of course he can still trade it to me, but that’s not the point. The point is I wouldn’t even be able to roll for an item, which would be, by upgrading it, AN UPGRADE for me. What this system does is make raid loot, which is already incredibly scarce, even more scarce.

If I had a fully upgraded LFR gear set, I wouldn’t be able to roll Need on ANYTHING in Normal. If I had a fully upgraded Normal gear set, I wouldn’t be able to roll Need on ANYTHING in Heroic.


It’s only an issue in queued content. Play with your guild or with friends where you can trade gear and it doesn’t matter.

And there it is. So it is an issue. Finally we got to it. Pugs and queued content still exist and represent a noticeable chunk of the raiding base. So if it’s an issue there, then perhaps, they should fix it?


So it’s an issue. Thanks for confirming that. Do you have a real argument here at all? Do you even understand how the gearing system works?

I’m going to assume no or you’re just feigning “LFR Heros bad git gud” or something.

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I believe the system behind the curtain is still restricted by the direct power level of the item. It should instead be based off the maximum capability of the item.

Until the Blizzard Wizards adjust the sacred coding of our world, I suggest only upgrading to at max 4/8 if you plan on taking on enemies harder than where you obtained the piece.

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No it doesn’t. The same amount drops regardless.

Because there are people who “need” it more. It’s a bigger upgrade for them. That’s why.

That’s the entire point of the system. That is their solution for people rolling need on a 424 item when they’re at 447 for that slot.

If you’re running with a guild or friends, then it’s a non issue

So don’t do LFR and let those people wiped 100 times each boss. Then don’t upgrade anything from normal.

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