Can't Make Heads nor Tails of It

In PTR, Sylvanus is the Warchief. Ok. She abandoned the Horde in BfA, so that makes me wonder if the lore is different in PTR than it will be in SL. There has been SO much confusion for me in BfA. Things like this make no sense. Isn’t PTR farther along in lore than BfA? I was NOT expecting to see Sylvanus in Grommash Hold. Honestly, I kind of expected to see Baine (since Thrall doesn’t want the job). There’s just no one left. ALL of the other significant Horde NPCs have been deleted from the game, or changed beyond recognition. Things just seem so up in the air in-game.

The in game overworld is a massive cluster-eff of failure, especially with how clustery the Horde leadership is.

When I go to Orgrimmar on my main Horde character, I see Baine in Grommosh Hold, standing next to Garrosh Hellscream. I’d imagine other people still see Sylvanas.

If their phasing tech worked properly or they just…didn’t tie so many quests to the Warchief, only Baine would be in Grommosh Hold right now.


In WoW, I don’t see Garrosh in there at all - just Baine, and he’s still High Chieftan, so … yeah. In PTR, all I see is Sylvanus. Messed up for sure. Thx for responding, so I can rest assured that I’m not going insane. :-/ lol

warchiefs everywhere

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lol Where oh where can everywhere be … right? lol. I hope it’s all made clear soon.

Maybe if Garrosh and Voljin come back, we can invite Sylvanas and make a Council of Warchiefs.

Someone post that screenshot with Thrall, Garrosh, Voljin and Sylvanas all as Warchief in the same pic.