Can't log in on the PTR at all for over a week


Hello, I’m currently running through an issue where I have not been able to log on the PTR at all. This has been happening for over a week now.

I keep getting Error BLZ51901016, which is your standard realm list DC error. I haven’t pursued this further before because I was on vacation, but I came back today and now I have 4 machines and 3 different countries where I’ve attempted to log in to no avail (haven’t had any issues logging in on Live or Classic Stress Test servers). This is only on the account I’m posting on, all machines are able to get past the realm list on my fiance’s account, so I know it’s not a game install issue.

I’ve sent a tweet to @BlizzardCS but pursuing a solution here as well. By all accounts, it looks like my account is somehow locked out of PTR and this is really hindering my work :frowning: