Can't get back in game

I died in Oculus and released. When I did, I got dc’ed and now I can’t get back in game. Anyone else having login issues?


i cannt enter the game

Yes. Not connecting to the server.

Same. Just finished weekly. Went to port to Dalaran and …

just finished TW and during the loading screen got kicked from server

Yup, took a break to eat and…

Last time I try something stupid like that!

I guess the maintenance borked something up. Darn it. I literally just hit 80 and was in my first heroic.

At least WG queue is fixed

Literal LOL

It’s lunchtime anyway. I’m going to eat and will try again later :slight_smile:

yeah seems whatever service handles the movement of your character is borked. cant take portals, cant join instances, etc

Same here, thought I had been banned or something. Came here to see if others were having problems

Just came back from a workout and also can’t reconnect :frowning:

That’ll teach me to want to be swole :frowning:

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Same problem here.

Same issue. Couldn’t enter the dungeon, even though 3 other people managed to get in. I tried relogging, got hit with “world server is down” and can’t get to the character screen anymore. Realm status page shows that everything is supposedly fine. Nice.

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same issue here, has anyone managed to log in yet?

Still not able to log back in but now there’s a message saying they know there’s an issue and are working on the problem.

many are having this issue now Blizz is trying to fix it

I got in after a few tries but then I took a flight and got dropped in the middle of it. It was low enough to not die so then I tried to hearthstone out of there and that won’t work either.

It’s been over an hour now. I dinged 80 and finished one heroic before the game died. /sadface

logged in, seems to be working