Can't gain rep


Was doing a dungeon with the darkspear tabard to grind out to exalted for when the heritage armor comes out and I noticed that i just can’t gain reputation for them anymore. i even when back to the Org to see if i do any quests from past expansions and there was one from Cata that took me back to stranglethorn and did some quests and still wasn’t gaining any rep. Anybody know what could’ve caused this?

(Aarschott) #2

Most dungeons after the classic ones (BC and later) do not give “tabard rep”.

Look up on WoWhead for darkspear reputation for info on how to gain rep for them.

(Bipzi) #3

Try going to the set of purple crystal 5 man dungeons in outland (they are north of the dark portal, I don’t remember the name) Set the dungeon to heroic and then try. I would run those all back to back even at 120 to gain rep. If it still doesn’t work, disable your addons and try again.


Are you sure. I swear I can recall vividly that I would get rep whenever I downed a boss in one of the Zandalar dungeons.


Yeah I believe he’s right! I believe some dungeons in WOTLK will give rep tho. You might be better off spamming some short classic ones to get exalted.


Im truthfully suprised this is a legitimate complaint. Thought it was going to be a QQ one over allied races or something.


I can confirm this as of about a month or so ago. Botanica and the nexus are great for tabard rep. You can get several thousand rep per run and a run only takes about 10 minutes