Can't find the last 2 clusters to get new pets

I got Onyx map when I reached renown level and found map for 2 more clusters so I have 3 new pets now. But map for Emerald and Sapphire clusters aren’t showing up.

I have done lots of magic bound chests (and disturbed dirt and scout packs I find along the way). I copied the full chest list from wowhead with waypoints and did the full circle 4 times total.

Is there a limit to how many maps I find or just bad luck?

Unfortunately, it’s just bad RNG.


I’ve gotten 4 factions up by 2 renowns. At this rate I’d be max with all 4 before I finish getting the last cluster

I’ve opened ~200 Dirt/Packs since doing the Onyx Cluster and still haven’t found a single other cluster.

So it’s just really bad RNG.

100+ shovels and 4 renowns level later I finally got emerald cluster. Still waiting for that last one.

BTW I am now maxed with Dragonscale Expedition.


My husband’s main makes the shovels, so I send his 5 crafting orders every week for shovels…and I’m starting to lose my belief that any of these exist. :slight_smile:

RNG is mean.

I finally got the last map I also picked up an extra emerald cluster and 2 amber clusters so that’s extra pets to sell

I would love to know what you’re all are talking about - can someone point me to an article somewhere?

They’re talking about the 5 new jewelcrafting pets in Dragonflight. Click on the ‘Jewelcrafting’ section in the table of contents on the right-hand side of the article: