Can't even find players for group quests

Let alone trying to find players for actual dungeons

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In Classic WoW, ts been really hard for me as time goes on, finding people to do group quests with and also getting some dungeons. ive had to rely on guilds for the latter, which isn’t something i wanted to do, since when is more out of my control than a normal pug group would be. I hope you can find what you need to do the things you want to do!

As some folks reach their goals in Classic, there will be a decline in population.

This means we have to rely upon each other even more. Don’t be afraid to reach out to guilds–like individual players vary in personality and style, so will guilds.

Even in guilds there are level brackets that begin to thin and guildies themselves may find it difficult to find a group or leveling partner. In my experience, most folks, guilded or not, have been decent on this server if you approach them with respect and kindness.

The Braves of Thunderhoof are also open to folks who are civil and decent from any guild (or none at all) joining in runs, events, etc.

Remember helping each other isn’t always going to further your goals directly. Take time to run some lowbies, or assist them in killing an elite. Build up connections by responding to people asking for help, even if it is something you aren’t working towards.

I know guilds may not be your thing, and they aren’t a sure-fire cure for a thinning population, but often they are established most functional networks of people who are genuinely interested in seeing your character succeed.


Problem is classic doesnt attract many new players and people with alts are buying “boosts”. Even on Grobb theres not many real groups below 60.

A gnome with no pink isn’t popular fo shure

I decided to wait and not move on, since I would be expecting the same thing the rest of the way, almost third day in westfall…
At least I am figuring this out at the start instead of spending a month leveling to 60, the rep grinds and such.

Very weird cause alliance is supposedly having three times our numbers ?

Just did a rage fire chasm tonight. Took 5 minutes to find everyone. Nice run. Reroll horde maybe ?

I’ve noticed an uptick in levelers around your level recently, Horde-side. Maybe it’s just the time of day you’re searching? Nights are certainly more popular, and I’m wondering if our server is just full of night owls.

So very true. 80% of the instance runs are fueled by looking for boosts or selling boosts in the under 50 brackets.

Speaking of which. Is anyone doing stocks boosting at all? Have an 18 NE druid I’d like to afk lvl while I work :wink:

Aovi - Friend of the Forsaken… you are a main reason for the culture of this server. I applaud your open views and willingness to work with all. You da Man! (Oats for you my friend)
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