Cant Decide

Hello im looking for a pure healing spec and class i want good aoe heals and good surviability.

If you only want to heal, priest is a good choice because it’s the only class with two healing specs Disc and Holy. The rest have one healing spec. All of the healers have good survivability. If you own BFA, you can make free 110 trial characters of all the healers and test them with the Icy veins class guide rotations and talents.

Resto Druids use mainly use hot’s and perform better with a hot tracking addon. Druids and MW monks have the best mobility. MW Monks and holy paladins mainly melee dps. Priests and resto shamans use ranged dps. Resto Druids can pick melee or ranged dps with talents. I’m talking about how the healing specs dps in these comments not the dps specs.

If you’re looking for a healing class with good survivability I would play holy paladin. Holy paladins have divine shield (immunity), lay on hands, blessing of protection, devotion aura–so many instant heals and damage reduction abilities. However, resto druids are also great at aoe heals and surviving. If you need more stamina, shapeshift into bear form, or if you need a damage reduction use barkskin. You can even add an extra self heal with the renewal talent.

Each healer class has its own utilities and style of play. As Astryss mentioned, you can trial various healers until you find the one you like the best.