Can't Character Copy

I’m unable to character copy specific characters from my life account. It just keeps saying copy failed? Anyone else getting this?

Is the character a Death Knight or a Demon Hunter? Both of those have been having problems copying.

I got this too on my Death Knight.
At first, I was upset.
Then I realized that its likely just far too powerful and has way too cool of transmog for the state Shadowlands is in right now.

I’ll give them a bit longer to get it perfect before I tear the whole thing down.

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I just got my DK to copy but DH are still failing

Same my Death Knight made it across, but this demon hunter is a total no go.

My Dh is my main so this is mega sad

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Aye, it’s a death knight with a sick transmog… gotta look the part while I travel to the Maw for the first time.


I am having a problem copying over my DK and DH

It’s in the release notes for the Character Copy tool. DH and DK are not available to copy.

Same issue here with my Kul’Tiran rogue. I can copy everything else though. I attempted to make a Kul’Tiran rogue template character and that failed as well.

DK and DH both copied for me just fine right now. I think they may have fixed it.

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Does anyone know if you can copy your character into level 60? Or just 50? I guess copying to level 60 would be a projection, not a copy…

Only 50 and under, based on the character’s current level.

Kind of. Sadly can’t copy over this character but I could copy over my DH with no issue.

I had an issue with one of my characters but had to do it twice in order for it to take.

I have one character, my main, a Kultherian hunter, who can’t be copied either. I tried the usual stuff, nothing active on mission table, no mail, no auctions, still won’t copy. All my other alts can be copied. So… any ideas?