Cant access Outlands

im not sure how to access outland. I boosted a character and I’m currently doing BFA war campaigns. The undercity has a poison cloud and I cant access it, and the dark portal is closed and being invaded. The portal to shattarath isnt open in Orgrimmar, but the NPC there can take me to the dark portal. Thrall and the gang is there, and the portal is being invaded. I can take a quest from him, but its behind the closed dark portal and i cannot get there.
The character i boosted was 10, completed exiles reach and was starting quests in BFA and war campaigns. I need to go to outland to do a green fel fire warlock quest called “seeking the soulstones”. Chromie gives me no options to change timelines. Any clue what to do?

You can also find a version of chromie near one of the towers outside undercity.

Also, on the border of the portal zone with The Swamp of Sorrows is a chromie who can reset the area to an earlier timeline. Sounds like the current timeline of the portal zone is set to WoD.

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You are attempting to do Burning Crusade content in Outlands, Grimsley?

If you go to the Portal Room in Orgrimmar and speak with a Thrallmar Mage there, you should have an option that says “I must report to the Dark Portal”.

Now, Khadgar there should have a quest called “The Dark Portal”, but that is intro into Warlords of Draenor, not the Burning Crusade. For BC you need to speak with Zidormi, you’ll see her on the map as a chat bubble in the Blasted Lands. Ask her to “Show me the Blasted Lands before the invasion”. Then return to the portal, which will be green instead of red now, and just walk through.

Make sure you have your Trivial Quests options checked on your mini-map so that you can see those low level quests.


thanks so much Vrak, would have never figured this out by myself. asked a lot of people too and none of them had a clue.
you got me on track now, thanks again