Cannot add S4 socket to former domination socket gear

I got plate bracers from Kel’Thuzad from our fated raid this week and it will not let me use the socket item I took from the vault this week to add a socket to them. I’d assume this is something to do with how you could not add sockets to them previously when they had domination sockets, however I thought this was addressed already?

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Same here. I’ve tried applying the Fated Matter Fractalizer to a fated LFR ring and a fated heroic belt, and the ui responds “cannot modify that item”. This happens with no addons.

I do have some season 3 items that the item highlights when I click on it, but I haven’t tried socketing those items (for obvious reasons).

I’ve had a couple people tell me now that it’s not exclusive to the domination pieces. It’s happening with s4 gear from the old dungeons too apparently.

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