Canadian Dollar (CAD) Price Change for World of Warcraft Game Time (Excludes Subscriptions)

If anyone is wondering, the Canadian Government is going to start taxing online services such as Netflix and I suspect games like World of Warcraft. This is probably why the cost went up.

as tax is added after the fact I highly doubt it.
This increase to bulk game time is a marketing ploy in multiple regions to move people to subscriptions. Subscription prices have not gone up so it doesn’t affect me at all as I have an active 6 month subscription.
Trudeau’s latest cash grab when it comes in will cost me an extra 5% though :frowning: feel sorry for people in provinces with a provincial tax.

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You’d think, but this article seem to imply tax collected by foreign companies on behalf of CA is different.

“Right now, the way in which they’re delivering their services, [foreign companies are] not responsible for the collection. … And so, effectively, it would mean that these [new digital goods] charges would be appearing on [their] invoices.”

Yes much like the states in the US that force Blizzard to collect tax it will be above and beyond. Feel sorry for non-Albertans who will be paying more than 5%

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shouldn’t everyone on the North American servers be paying the same price after the exchange rates? kind of insulting imo.


After hardly playing since wotlk there were already 2 irritating things. Rating requirement on pvp gear so the better players can crush me even more as they also get farther ahead gear-wise…and so much pve required to keep abilities and gear up

Really? Confusion?? What in the dear lord are you guys thinking…

As a paying Canadian customer since 2008 I am pretty mad about this. I already pay more then Americans do for the game… why gouge us even more???


You Greedy Greed Greedy $ucks, in the middle of a world wide pandemic and economic hardship and you increase the sub costs. It feels like wow players are subsidizing the rest of your games. This is nothing more than greed, wow should be moving to f2p not increasing the cost you money hungry pieces of human garbage.


Im not Canadian, but this is wrong fellas

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Brainwashed is brainwashed lmao

Subs are unaffected. This is bad if you buy game-time / pre-paid cards.

F2P games are generally terrible… I think ESO is an exception but most are Pay-to-Win as there’s absolutely no way to progress to a competitive level without buying powerful gear from the cash shop. I’d hate that for WoW.

Its times like this that I remember the blizzard I knew from back in the day is dead and its carcass is constantly being twisted and squeezed by activision to extract every last ounce of blood.

Shadowlands hasn’t really been doing it for me and I’ve been searching for an excuse to quit. I think I just found it.

That’s now exactly how it works. Exchange rates don’t work both ways…just one. So if the value of American dollar is flat…then that acts as our “home currency” no matter what, but when changing it to Canadian, if your currency’s value goes up or down, so must the conversion for our items or services because your a different country.

Perhaps Blizzard exchange differential is a different meter. When you unsubscribe it basically asks two reason. 1:game related(not financial reasons), or financial reason. You must pick an option.

Conspiracy Theory: Perhaps the countries going up in price are less likely to unsubscribe based on money?

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This really sucks Blizzard. If you’re going to be increasing the amount we Canadians pay then you need to stop this time-gating BS. How do you justify people paying $22 a month when the content is locked behind a wall?

I’m sorry Blizz, I just can’t recommend your game to anyone anymore. I even used to bat for you…


22 a month to do the same dailies over and over again while also timegating content. It shouldn’t even be subscription based at this point, let alone getting an increase in cost.


yes subscriptions cost is the same, but when your sub runs out and you only want to come back for a month after taking a break to see how the game is going, you’re getting ripped off, cause lets be honest, This expac is already getting boring and I’m just a filthy casual, I haven’t even logged in for a week cause I’m tired of paying money to do digital chores.

Did gallywix get a job in your financial department? Your multi millionaire top dogs in the company should learn to spare some wealth instead of constantly bleeding your customer base for a product that has been clearly on the decline.


Can we pay in poutine instead?

Hey guys let’s charge $60 for the expension , $22 for the subs and also have lame transmission and pets etc … what more can you charge players for ?