Canada Westcoast Shaw still can not connect with Auzzy servers

So about 2 weeks ago I was playing an alt on an auzzy server testing the latency. One day everything was fine. Then the next day I was getting chained disconnected. After several days of not being able to log in I figured out a work around by downloading a VPN and setting my route through Russia. I then quickly logged out of the Auzzy server and went back to NA West coast server. Everything was working smoothly.

But when WoW season 4 came out and I went back to that and it has this neat feature where you can group with Auzzys. The problem is, if the Auzzy enters a dungeon first, the system will automatically put me on their auzzy server. Well apparently the issue is still unsolved as I’m getting “instance not found” error everytime I try to enter the dungeon

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