Can you obtain/buy Warlord's Deathwheel?

Hi there, I had the fortune to earn the achievement back in the event, but a friend of mine is asking me how can he get it and I can’t find anything on wowhead…

The motorcycle mount? It’s for sale somewhere in your main city, I think. Costs a lot tho.

Due to licencing problems, unless you got the promotion at the time, it is no longer possible to get the mount. They were going to add a vendor for it, like the one in Stormwind, but yah see:


Nope. Only those who logged in during the promotion get it.

Alliance can buy theirs though.

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It was only available for a limited time if you logged in during the promotion, as far as i know you can’t get it any more due to legal reasons. The ally one is buy-able in Stormwind I think, but the Horde version is not.


all the info is in the comments section of the item.

It appears legal issues are why Horde don’t have the option to obtain one after contest

It was a promotional item from a few years back, it is not currently sold by any vendor. Apparently there are some “legal issues” with making the mount available via vendor, see:

etc etc

Comments are 3-4 years old, they say it was not possible at that time buy maybe something has changed in all this time

Sadly nope

but the alliance version is

Just surprises me that they can’t get around this with a simple recolor and name change. Slightly darker red called the Chieftain’s Murdercycle or something.

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Legal reasons??? Wut?

From memory, the Alliance equivalent costs 100k.

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It is not a problem with license but rather prizing law that causes the problem here.

As the item was rewarded during a contest that was advertised in certain regions the laws of those regions prevents people from obtaining the item at a later time so as to “preserve the value” of the original prizing.


No. The reason is because the Deathwheel was a prize. To redistribute it for some kind of monetary value or in-game currency violates prize rulings, and would be a legal issue on Blizzard’s end. There was a blue post about it a long time ago.

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Neither vehicle was a real “motorcycle” anyhow, so the contest was kinda dumb. And having it based on popular vote and allowing multiple voting really tainted the contest. That’s probably why they’ll never have a similar contest again, though I could easily be wrong on that account.

Look, I’d love for them to be able to give out the Warlord’s Lawnmower again, but I’m not in charge.

Dripping with blood, screaming severed heads and LOTS of chrome! :metal:

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Honestly, I wish we could buy the real Deathwheel. You know, the actual real world trike.

You could watch the Azeroth Choppers on youtube, because they are real and ride-able. So, yes they are real motorcycles.

To be fair, Alliance has way better looking Garrisons than Horde and Varian died in the best way a hero can. We still haven’t seen Tirion ever since he was put down by Guldan in the legion scenario…he really needs an honorable passing. Even Bolvar got a better ending.

Vol’jin got stabbed by random trash, even Garrosh got a better ending. Taran Zhu died like a wuss

He dies during the Ret Paladin quest to obtain the Ashbringer.

everything i’ve found about it just says “legal reasons” but doesn’t cite exactly WHAT legal reasons

Fortunately, if you go up 6 posts from what you just wrote, the answer will be revealed.