Can you clone a toon and boost another?

It’s me again. Just wondering, Can I clone a toon for bc and also boost another toon to 58?

Well I’m not sure what you mean. You can play all of your toons on bc if you want. You can boost if you want. I feel like you don’t understand how the clone works but you gave so little information on what you want to do I’m not sure.

Here’s the thread on how cloning works:

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I’m pretty sure they mean this:
I have a main. It’s a shaman.
I also want to make a warrior that I want to boost.

Can I copy my shaman to TBC (and keep it on Classic aswell), AND boost my new warrior, so I have a level 60 shaman and a level 58 warrior?

Yes. Though you’re not copying the shaman as blizzard is putting the shaman on tbc and classic for you and you decide which era you want to activate the toon in.

Really blizzard should stop calling it a clone. It’s confusing people.

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