Can we talk about BMs?

No not THOSE kind of BMs. Beast mastery hunters. Our tier set is pretty awful, our theoretical DPS is a dumpster fire, and we still get laughed at as a faceroll easy spec. (balancing rotation, movement and 3 stacks of frenzy isn’t as easy as people think.)

We need love. Badly. In 9.2 ptr blizzard promised to revist our tier sets. Spoiler: they never did. Now we are garbage tier and are looking to fall even farther behind as everyone gets tier.

BMs shouldn’t be in the toilet like this.


Feral druids are punching the air right now


If they let me tame feral druids the two of us combined still wouldn’t be a real DPSer.


wouldn’t it be 3 because of AC

I’ve always hated that shortened version. Couldn’t we go with BH - beast hunter? Lol

Yeah, we could use some love. Alas, RNG for our sets and abilities! It’s surprising to me as a casual (rare dungeons, no Mythics, only a couple hours a day - so no high level gear) that everyone thinks it’s easy. Stacking, rotation, stay alive - pretty much bloat on the keybinds. Every encounter is different in rotation, especially without the higher gear.

Personally I get kerfuffled when playing in any other group besides pug. Suddenly brain is forgetting certain abilities altogether!
Life of a BmH. (better? Nah!)

I created this gal when I couldn’t get my BH through Suramar w/o dying every 3-5 minutes.

We’ll be discussing this week’s episode on the Talking Dead right after the show. Call 1-800-DEAD-LIVE to voice your concerns.


Hehe, butt munches.


Obligatory Ahahahahahaha come and play feral.

You can all sit down in a corner and cry for all I care, no one even comes close to how bad feral is and how crap our tier set is.

There are 4 piece feral druids pulling less DPS in the same content as no tier piece from other classes, and no, not your average player, the top DPS on warcraft logs have some 4 piece feral doing less than than other classes with no piece.


Post worth it because of this ^


I have mixed feelings. BM where too good during 9.0, can’t speak for 9.1 since I took a break for that patch. 9.2 is showing the hunters from the huntards imo. I slap solo bosses pretty hard, but it differs from raid to raid. but I’m usually top 4 DPS. We just need a better cleave that isn’t relying on Wild Spirits, but I have to wait for 4 piece to see if my AOE dps changes.

The 3 stacks is easy to track if you use the hunter weakaura on wago. As for rotation BM is one of the most forgiving mobile specs in the game. BM hunters can’t complain only Surv. The tier bonus isn’t bad you just need to change your play style. Just like how we had to change ours to focus Wildfire Infusion and bombs. BM isn’t “in the toilet”.

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Well duh…you guardian talent to make feral better. (this was a joke/sarcasm).

the irony of running feral but not feral broke the irony meters for me back in season 1 pvp lol.

so what you are saying is I should run guardian in pvp.

Pretty much…goes the game. It does more dps because it lives longer to do damage.

Yes, yes, we are going to talk about those BMs.

Unless I was in a coma, we still haven’t had our legally mandated poop quest for Shadowlands.

C’mon, Blizzard, 9.2.5 is gonna be your last chance to rectify this injustice!

/moo :cow:

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The same BM hunters that have all the movement in the world compared to other ranged DPS?

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Dead. Last.

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They would like for you to forget that bit. I don’t. this is why my pve open world spam spec is BM lol. I favor MM tbh. But so many reason exist to solo open world BM.

I have started to take my usually MM hunters into solo shuffle As BM. I place well if not top damage meters in some matches.

The reason…rarely do you get an opposing 3 man who lets you aim shot to your heart’s desire. BM I can move all day long…no dps loss.

And the sick punchline is…I don’t have a BM lego. I only have made surging strike for MM. So go into these no effective lego fit. And do well.


Yeah now they prob are but wait until everyone had 4 set and double legos and THEN ya’ll can complain. Just cause your 2 set isn’t as good as other classes doesn’t mean BMs need to start QQing.


Our 4pc is a joke.


BM damage even with double lego’s and teir sets falls off hard behind other classes. its real bad right now