Can we solo Island Expeditions yet?

I want some of those mounts.


I think the policy I remember reading is that two expansions later and that expansion will be soloable?

Not sure if that applies to all stuff, but my guess would be next expansion or the one after that is when BfA stuff will be soloable.

Maybe someone is already soloing them though and I am wrong though.

No, the issue is that as far as I know you literally cant solo queue for expeditions, not the difficulty.

They added BFA LFR queues in 9.0.5, but I dont recall them adding solo island queues.


Well I would assume the queue thing would be included in their plan, but if they already did BfA LFR queues then there is hope. I guess warfronts are kind of in the same boat.

Pretty sure they said at blizconlinecon that they’d consider adding a solo queue at some stage.

Which probably means they’ll add a solo queue, then scale all the mobs up to Mythic level :slight_smile:


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Presumably in the Recycling Bin where they belong, alongside the proposed new Warfronts that thankfully never happened :wink:

Right-click. “Empty Trash.” BfA fixed.

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I don’t recall it being a consideration, I thought they just flat out confirmed they were adding it in. I think for 9.1, but not sure off the top of my head.

This is mostly in regards to raids, and legacy loot. Things may be soloable before that, but after two expansions they typically flip a scaling switch to make it easier, and change any fights that might mechanically be impossible/difficult to solo. And that’s when legacy loot gets turned on.

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Thanks for the clarification! I assumed the policy was a package deal for pretty much everything in that expansion.

Nope, but get ready for Torghast expeditions.

Flooded towers
tsunami lava waves
Crysis freezer

And my favorite…

Unending darkness

I think a solo queue option was planned for 9.1 along with the bfa lfr npc. But you have the lfr npc live now I believe.

That would be great. Or just add it to group finder so I can que while farming mats in SL.

They didn’t do it in BFA, I don’t think they will do it now. Although it would have been nice in BFA. Forcing you to sit by the docks was bad.

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I dunno, a Silvermoon Warfront would have been pretty legit.

Updated Quel’thelas zones for (hopefully) flying, or at least just higher level content. More mounts and pets from rares, new Warfront armor sets which were all pretty fantastic. They could have finally added in the BE Spellbreaker weapons and shield that people have been salivating over since BC.

Instead we got visions :face_vomiting:


They don’t really stick to this anymore either. At least not the way they used to. Hence the reason why most players are unable to solo certain Legion raids on Mythic even at level 60, despite it being from two expansions ago and several years old.

We can’t even solo legion raids. :rofl: :joy:

I don’t think you can even do the scenarios from Pandaria anymore.

I mostly skipped BfA and actually never ran an island. Same for Warfronts. Are they talking about solo queues for that.

You can. Go to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and head to where the Archaeology trainer is in the room over Mogu’shan Palace. There are three NPCs that allow you to solo queue for LFR, and scenarios there.