Can we see other horde heroes now?

(Hahahahahaha) #145

So what your saying is…I should make a character named “Champion” and there will be tons of voice actors saying my name all the time!

(Zaltaan) #146

Ya know, i named one of my shepard’s in the afore mentioned Mass Effect “Commander” just for that very reason.

(Treng) #147

Commander isn’t one of them either, which is the topic that you had dismissed.

(Zaltaan) #148

nah, my beef has pretty much been entirely with you suggesting they’re calling you champion since it’s your rank, and not because they needed a place holder for your name for logistical reasons. You can cherry pick things out of my posts if you like, but we both know the point I’m making. I’m like… 99% sure I’m getting trolled now. You write in complete sentences, you do so coherently and you’re clearly not dumb. How can you not see what I’m trying to say here?

(Treng) #149

You implied that commander is not a military rank for the Alliance, so you weren’t really a commander.

(Granfaloon) #150

If look in the tents at the argent crusade grounds you’ll find a bunch of champions from either faction.

(Zaltaan) #151

With my mass effect comment? I apologize then. I was just using that as an example. Commander was shepard’s rank, but it wasn’t his name. He was exclusively called Commander in place of his first name, because voice actors weren’t paid to say “Percy, we need you to go to Noveria and stop benezia blah blah blah.”

That is literally ALL I’m saying. Nothing about ranks that do or don’t exist in the horde. Just that they call you champion on both sides because it’s an appropriate filler for your name. That’s all. Sorry for the confusion.

(Treng) #152

Okay but it can be a filler for your name and still also be true.

(Amadis) #153

Also on the third fight in the Trial of the Crusader raid when the Horde players fight the Alliance NPCs:

    King Varian Wrynn yells: Our honor has been besmirched! They make wild claims and false accusations against us. I demand justice! Allow my champions to fight in place of your knights, Tirion. We challenge the Horde!

(Zaltaan) #154

That’s fair. Are we done now? Can we go get something to drink, because this thread is driving me to it

(Ronstin) #155

Well, WE can but you seem like designated driver material

(Azsharin) #156

There are other Horde heroes? Didn’t we kill them all off?

(Hordehacker) #157

Funny how Guldan would probably fit in perfectly fine with Sylvanas’s Horde. He could even make her some new death knights of her very own.

(Granfaloon) #158

Yeah about as well as arthas would fit with the alliance.

(Hordehacker) #159

still be better than king peaceduin

(Tomlyn) #160

Arthas purged Strathholme, for the greater good, at his best. How would he fit in with the Alliance leadership who feel that to “press the attack as the Zandalari mourn their fallen king” would “make us no better than the Banshee”? This drop-down-idiotic sentiment brought to you by warmonger apparent, and ruined character, Jaina–and given the lion seal by Ever-Prince Anduin himself.

Nothing Gul’dan did is inconsistent with Sylvanas’ standards, all we can really say is that he served a different master. At least Sargeras has some kind of rationale beyond “Legion #1 morality-is-a-spook”.

(Treng) #161

I chuckled.

(Granfaloon) #162

I was saying arthas fell from the alliances grace by turning into an evil power mad jerk. That’s before he picked up frostmourn. Then he just got worse. He would never fit in with the alliance.

Guldan is a horrible traitor who only cared about gaining power for himself and wanted to rule over everyone. He cost the horde and the legion the war because he made a mad dash for power. Sylvanas hates the legion, warlocks, and is no fan of orcs. Why would she ever want to deal with the traitor guldan?

(Hordehacker) #163

Still not seeing and difference here to sylvanas.

Hasn’t Sylvanas just cost the Horde a war with the Alliance which they are apparently losing.

Never heard Sylvanas say she hates the legion, warlocks or Orcs. She appreciates those who can be of use to her and she wouldn’t need to trust him just be wary of him and his tricks. Hell she had a demon as a subordinate for a period.

If he can supply her with more power and more powerful undead she would be happy to have him on her side.

(Tomlyn) #164

Precisely my point: that we can both explain why. His conduct, a mass slaughter of civilians, was well bellow their ethical standards. What was at question was not his liege, his actions put him apart from them.

Incompatible with Sylvanas’ regime, you’re right. She called dibs on that :slight_smile: Gul’dan plays patient, and she kept a dreadlord as a pet, I’m sure they’ll tolerate each other until the poor-man’s-Littlefinger showdown takes place.

She consistently exploits orcs and warlocks, while practicing necromancy, chemical warfare, ect. She hates an awful lot of things. R.I.P Goblins. I highly doubt his warlockism is the thing that’d break her.

The Wrathgate was definitely treason, assuming she planned it.
How about experimenting on a tauren national? Here’s a quote for you, from the OG undead introduction: ‘harboring no true loyalty to their new allies. They will go to any lengths to ensure their dark plans come to fruition.’ I could go on, you know?

But really, on the duplicity of treason, ‘honor means nothing to a corpse’. No loyalty to the Horde, no honor.

The best you can say to deflate the point that Gul’dan and Sylvanas would be besties is that they’re too similar in their usurpationsness to be compatable.

EDIT: How about using the plague behind Garrosh’s back? That was most certainly treason, 500%.