Can we remove the time gate from Unity pattern please?

My son just started playing on a new account, and there’s not much time left in this expansion to grind a rep up to revered just to get a legendary item up to 291 (which is now considered sub-par ilvl). Can we please just remove the requirement?


Ion said the less gear we get and the longer it takes to get it makes it more meaningful when we do get it.


Translation - “We can’t afford a 90% sub loss while we string them along until Q2 2023 on Dragonflight.”


Exactly - which explains all of the caps, and time gating, etc.

Lolololololololol you can get revered in a week just by showing up on ZM and doing world quests in 3 minutes lolololololol

I had to put this in this thread despite me agreeing with you

And that’s why restaurants with bad slow service are the best restaurants. /s

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Revered requires 12k, you get 3 World Quests a day for 125 rep each. And a weekly that provides 500, world boss, etc. It takes a lot longer then a few minutes.


Lies lies lies it’s all smoke and mirrors don’t listen to this guy. You can just grind the revered rep in a few days ez np. Totally don’t need to grind for weeks for this.

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According to Wowhead it takes about 27 days.

Looking at your achievements, you haven’t even started on the Enlightment rep?


Nope. Grind it like everyone else did.


The three dailies take max maybe 30 minutes a day.

I would agree with you… last patch.


Yes there is. Revered isn’t a long grind.

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That’s not the point. I agree, they take less than 30 minutes a day, but they only reward 125 rep each. To reach Revered requires 12k, do the math.

As someone who grinded my revered when it dropped, I whole-heartedly think Blizz needs to remove this requirement. Drop it to friendly, maybe honored. Or, at the very least, bump everyone’s unity belt up to 291.

It’s a patch later. Anyone with the mindset of “I had to do it, so you should too” is so baffling to me.


I feel this. My buddy I run with is decked out in 298-304 gear, except his belt. He’s gonna rock that 265 all the way to DF.


Rough. Also feelsbad for my kiddo that got a 285 belt from the world boss this week. If he works hard enough to complete the ZM campaign, he’ll get to upgrade it to a 265.

No the best ones are the ones that won’t take your reservation.
I’m looking at you Wendy’s

Don’t care. If you want it grind it.

Unity is still current content.

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The weekly and farming rares are ways to rush the rep as well as raiding SoTFO.

If you want 291 leggos grind it like everyone else did.