Can we please open up this server

been waiting like 8 months to be able to play wow with friends and i cant even do that unless i just start fresh and give up all the hours of work put into a 3 classes i made a ticket and they told me i need to “watch the forums” for a update but how long do we watch?? 1 year? 2 or 3? when they launch cata or whatever is next? says its due to que times and yet i havent seen any servers have a que time in months so i cant see that being the full issue so it would be nice to have someone clear it all up for the many who are asking for it


So Blizzard support staff told you no and then you decided to ask the players to open up the server? We have less power then they do :stuck_out_tongue:

im not asking the players they told me to post on here so i did

you can play with them, dude. Nothing is stopping you. Make a toon

Who is “they”?

We’re closed. Go away.