Can we please get the ability to whisper cross-faction group leaders with a listed group?


It sucks when someone has a cross-faction group listed, but you can’t whisper them to ask them if they are taking a casual approach with a run or any other specific questions you might have.

If they have the group listed cross-faction, they’ve opted into cross-faction. Surely letting us whisper them would be fine?


i think they tried something like this but it did not work right
but i think they would need to turn it off outside of lfg to make it work

The entire point is if the group leader has a group listed as cross-faction. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see why we shouldn’t. Looted a chest, didn’t look, left group (talking to friends and distracted) only to realize I didn’t need this cape-big sad when I tried to message our awesome pug tank to offer it to him. :expressionless:. Only then realized he was horde.
Definitely should be able to message a group lead, but wish they’d fix this issue since we can now play together.


Yep, listed group has “link something” but I can’t because the leader is Horde.