Can we please get rid of racials in Dragonflight?

… or at least balance them so not everyone is forced to play Orc or Human?

Suggestion: chance Orc racial from a passive to an active abilty that reduces the duration of the next stun by 20%? At least there’s some skill involved then…

And can we please get a rework for the mechagnome racial? Mechagnomes are basically dead in pvp because of the insane amount of priests, also Mindgames still exists in the DF talent tree and no one wants to risk dying from your own racial.
Easy fix: change it from passive to an active ability?


Just jmorph man

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Thanks for your very helpful advice but no, Im not gonna risk a ban because of Blizzards poor balancing, + it doesn’t solve the Mechagnome problem :slight_smile:


the problem that no one uses it?

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But nelf and undead are better races. And people have realized how good tauren and Highmountain Tauren are. Hell even velf is good for dot casters.

Also mechagnome is a gigachad race play.


Me looking at the rio leaderboards where literally everyone is Dwarf

I’d rather not give up kul tiran throat punch because people are afraid of selecting a different race than what their fav streamer said to pick.


The real reason people don’t play Mechagnome is because they’re fugly

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It doesn’t matter if you think that they’re ugly - I’m talking about the fact that a race has been completely unplayable in arenas since Shadowlands release.

Your argument is flawed once you realize Druids have had the same mechanic all of SL and run with it 100% of the time

People don’t play them because they’re ugly and gated behind old content

You do realize that Mechagnome is just an extended issue versus priests that all kyrian players, and druid players, face?

ur not gonna get banned for jmorph man

At the very, very least. I would like all races to have racial options.

Like, pick 1 out of 5 major combat racials, 2 lesser combat racials (like 1% haste bonus), and QOL racials stay the same. Abilities can be shared across races/factions, but changed thematically to fit their race.

Tauren can pick Warstomp, Bull Rush, Hardiness, Haymaker, or Gift of the Earthmother (Gift of the Naaru.)

Void Elves can have Spatial Rift, Voidmeld (Shadowmeld), Will of the Ren’dorei (Forsaken), Void Torrent (Arcane Torrent), or Voidshift (Escape Artist.)

If they were to make a move on racial perks I imagine it’d just be to outright disable them in the competitive forms of endgame content, like mythic raids, keystone dungeons, rated pvp, etc.

There’s no other reasonable way of doing it. Nerf Orc and everybody goes Human/Nelf/Dwarf, and you’re back to square one except everybody is out the cost of some faction changes.

Yeah, every group is 5x Dwarf, lol

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Not mentioning Orcs have the 20% stun duration reduction trinket as racial while humans dont get the gladiator medallion trinket but a much worse version of it.

I think racials sholdnt be allowed in pvp or just allow racials who dont impact the gameplay like teleports, less fall damage, etc…

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I want to play a Draenei or Undead warrior but cannot without severely reducing my effectiveness in rated PvP as an Orc warrior. Due to this, I play the game less as I lose interest in the class & race combo that I feel forced to play. Instead of playing my alt warrior, I log off and go play other games. Please disable racials in rated PvP. Let people play the race they enjoy.

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In all endgame/competitive content, I think. Just let people play what they want to play.

it’s a pretty powerful racial in PVE so that’s prob where he’s coming from. pvp has the orc/human problem mainly.

Back in the day that Draenei heal used to be a lot more powerful. Wasn’t there triple Draenei teams at one point. I know it used to scale with things like earth shield

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i don’t see it as an issue if they just remove the intial dmg. plus it can be dispelled.