Can we please get a little bit of info, Time is flying

We are what? 3-4 months away from the scheduled Classic launch, and we still don’t have any information on how Blizzard is going to deal with some things.

How many servers will there be?
Will it use modern authentication services?
Is there going to be a beta test?

We love you for bringing us Classic back, but a lot of us need to know whats happening, we wanna plan with you Blizzard.



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You can’t see it but I’m over here making air quotes

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Cute assumptions

I figured it wouldn’t get a positive response,this is the classic forums after all.
but you’re right i don’t give a damn about your health,i’ll remove the post.

This seems like a safe assumption.

Still more then 3-6 months. Summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21 and ends officially September 21

There’s a large amount of content being released this week for BFA. I’m guessing Blizzard wants to wait until after that happens before laying on us any big Classic updates. So that Classic news doesn’t steal the new content’s thunder. There’s also a new raid being released mid April, I highly expect to hear a lot about Classic from them after that content has all been released.


ROFL, at least 6 months away.

Anyone else feel there is another Dev Watercooler on the horizon?

Yith said that those things are so hard to make. But I feel we’re going to get another info dump. Then naturally, 10+ Classic youtubers making hour long videos about the 4 paragraphs we got. :slight_smile:


IMO it’ll probably hit early summer.

A certain other MMO that I enjoy is getting its next expansion at the start of summer, I’d be very surprised if blizz let it slide with nothing to hit back with.

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Yeah I heard people talking about this too. July 2nd or something?

  1. who knows
  2. All blizzard games use the same system
  3. Of course, but I wouldn’t bet on one being public. The demo was most likely their server stress test to make sure their approach to classic can handle it. They’re planning on intentionally leaving bugs from that time in. If you’ve played the game back then, you know that it was an extremely unbalanced and incomplete game. And it had some pretty big bugs. When running into stormwind, you could get stuck underneath it. You could randomly fall through the world and die. Sometimes the boat would just drop you in the water and kill you. Beta testing is going to take being able to have access to Blizzard’s actual records from back then to know what’s a new bug and what’s an old bug. We’re all useless in a public beta test for classic.



No, they’re not. They’re fixing most known bugs and exploits with the possible exception of a few bugs that were inconsequential and contributed to game flavor. Please do not spread misinformation.

Huge bugs like this will especially be fixed. On announcement, Mike Morhaime stated that Classic will not be released without modern-day “Blizzard polish”. Video available upon request.

Again, do not spread misinformation. Please back up any claim like this that you make.


Soon? Soon? We ain’t talking soon. We talking about:




J Allen Brack?

No, it was Mike, in an interview for the Blizzcon stream subscribers, just after the announcement.

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98 days until “summer 2019”

I’m pretty happy with the recent couple blue posts on Classic. i suspect we are going to hear more each week as they start chucking coal in the hype train.

BETA is coming in the next couple months, count on it. And from there it’s ALL ABOARD!