Can we not lock TBC flying?

Seriously, Dragon flying sucks during questing when you’re hoping from point to point and run out of vigor constantly


You mean in the new zones? Yeah it does feel very arbitrary to require it be unlocked still. Even if it is very easy.


For their respective speed, it makes sense to allow traditional flying early on and lock dragon riding until a little later, the current setup makes no sense whatsoever lol

(to me, it just comes off like Ion being petty about it because he didn’t get his way)


Yes, that is exactly what I meant.

Dragonriding is vastly superior in long distance travel, but during quest times where you’re bouncing around constantly, landing and taking off, TBC flying is just much better

i’d imagine the reason for locking hover-flight is because of exploration achievements/treasures and the like. Blizzard likes their jumping puzzle treasures, and since it’s hard to stop on a dime with DF, they’re probably okay letting that slide.

What kind of quests are you expecting where you’ll need to fly far enough between objectives that you’d need full vigor?

I run out constantly in the emerald dream… like Dragonriding sucks if you aren’t just taxing from place to another.

Unlocking normal flying

Explore the zones

Do the main campaign and there you have it

Normal TBC flying

(They were very transparent on that video)

Easy way to “lock” static flight is just use one of the few flying mounts that aren’t getting skyriding.

you just won’t be able to use those

I know how to unlock it, they just really shouldn’t lock it in the first place

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