Can we nerf warriors already

You’re lookin more and more like some pilot 2.3k buyer lol. Link the Warrior with 2.3k

i gave you the name, if you cant find it thats a you problem

Oof that is a big YIKES from me. I think I’ve overcooked you here though. Good luck buying your next duelist :nerd_face:

if you put as much time into playing as you are trying to be inspector gadget you could have your first one too! oh wait you already did and it still hasn’t worked…

Its news to me if it doesnt, although when i see a bladestorm happen and disarm breaks then its usually directly after disarming them.

For someone calling out others for being obsessed about fake Internet points, you sure are obsessed about fake Internet points

Stop replying to me you weren’t 3k elo in WW2 ranked play

This is how I read this, " DURRRRRR DURRRRRRR DOIIIIIII ".

Thats exactly what i expect from a class thats just had to press 1 button for a whole xpac

Well its ok, blizzard thinks warrior mortal strike dmg was an issue too


am i suppose to care?

You cared enough to obsess over fake Internet points all over this thread in a very hypocritical way

like i said you weren’t 3k elo in WW2 ranked play hop off my meat jockey boy

The absolute hypocrisy from you is just amazing

This is crazy, youll run outta ky and needa hop off at some point

git nurfed

They had ELO in World War 2?

Audey Murphy was the best, no cap fam.



hows my kids taste?

I’m still waiting for this data