Can we nerf the overperforming specs now, it's been a week

Ehh for all the hate sv gets I dont think they should nerf it. Same with demo.

Demo has been unloved for decades. Let it shine a season or two.


Oh no one spec of Warlock has not been good in decades? I mean you’re wrong but guess what, there has been at least one of the Warlock specs in the top 5 in every tier except Sanctum, which they still did very well in, all the way until TRIAL OF VALOR, which is the ONLY top 5 Ret has been in since probably ICC. Don’t tell me they need some time in the sun because you are dead wrong. Survival is broken and needs drastic nerfs, gonna be so fun to watch MDI probably every team will have 2 Survival Hunters and a Demo Warlock.

ehhh maybe that comp after the nerf to demo but it would prolly go more for “buff the demo” with priest for PI, druid for kyrian buff, a surv hunter for the 10% crit and some tank, prolly DK

Warlock is always tilted to affliction or destro. Demonology never gets love. It even got nerfed so much in WoD because devs didn’t want anyone to play it.

Also hunters have had no reason to justify picking survival because the ranged specs always do more damage at safer distances. Like right now MM does more things reliably then hunters.

Tier sets also skew things randomly. But most players don’t even have access to the 4 piece yet. I would actually like to enjoy the 4 piece on many classes.

Any class can do mythic 15s right now without the tier anyway…

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A pure dps class has 1 spec in the top 5 consistently?

I can see why you are offended and outraged!


Your wish has been done by blizzard already.


I did not appreciate that nerf. SInce I hear it’s the raid damage that’s a problem, and power infusion just is really good for demo warlocks. It doesn’t mean you run that combo all the time.

I didn’t either but we got a crying human Paladin here so I had to shove the information up front so she could actually read it instead of make threads about classes she clearly knows nothing about.

Ironic her complaints come from the stun you while invincible and deal full damage with its burst class…

“A PURE DPS CLASS” What a stupid take. So Warlocks have do 10% more damage than everyone else because they can’t Tank or Heal, yeah sounds fair. Oh and it’s not usually 1, it’s almost always 2 of the 3 Warlock specs.

Oh cause those really did a lot, oh wait look, Demo still on top. It’s like they weren’t even nerfs. PVP ones count, barely, but oh yeah Destruction still exists.

“Let’s just nerf Ret! It’s ok Protection pallets are doing great! What’s a matter Paladin they are the same thing!”

No, Protection is a Tank, this about DPS. You can’t fill your raid’s DPS spots with Protection Paladins and expect to clear content. Oh and yeah if Ret was doing 10% more damage than everyone else I would also agree it needed a nerf, but sadly that’s not the case and hasn’t been for a long time.

Who is this ‘we’?

I don’t work for Blizzard, do you work for Blizzard?

If so, could you create mount equipment that would allow my dreadsteed to fly. Thank you.


It’s funny that it’s clear that our over-performance quite clearly comes from PI, which is a crappy concept if you’ll ask me, and they ignore it and nerf us.

Warlock as a class has pretty much always been top-tier, there’s no denying that. However, Demo is both a fan favorite and a meme spec since it’s rarely been competitive for what? The better half of the past decade? People like me who don’t enjoy Affliction, i.e. the only viable spec for Warlocks like 80% of the time, at all have stuck with Demo for years are finally able to competitively play our spec.

When you play a hybrid class you’re assuming the risk that comes with having only one option for damage. I understand the struggle, believe me, I was a main Paladin for years and Retribution is my favorite melee spec and I know Ret’s seen some tough times before. However, you must understand that there are Warlock players and Demonology only players and those have had it worse than Ret.

Unless Blizzard takes away all individuality from every spec there’s no way to achieve perfect balance, a few specs will always be above the others and, because of Human nature, people will gravitate to whatever’s on top. Doesn’t matter if the difference is trivial, if one spec is perceived to be better people will shun the others by denying invites and whatnot. Sometimes the perception isn’t even true, a good example being Survival who’s done great damage a few times in the past, but because it was perceived as a bad spec, people would kick Hunters from their group if they saw they were Survival players.

Btw… if you go to raider io and check out class representation for +15s and above you’ll see that Demo are top middle of the pack or lower top-tier, at best. We’re currently below Fury, MM and BM, Balance, Frost mages and waaaay below Havoc, i.e. the king of m+ for forever. Survival, another spec that you mentioned, isn’t even close to being meta, ranking last in its class.

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lol what are you going to do, make the worst spec even more worst-er? Good luck

Also btw this is already how Blizzard does balancing. Specs like Ret and Feral are intentionally bad because they want those players tanking or healing instead of melee dps

They could just redesign PI to be a “baby lust” 5% haste for the whole raid for a bit and it stacked with regular lust multiplicatively or just make it do what it currently does but for healers only (shadow would use it for themselves only due to being shadow).

Buff feral and BM, nerf demo again and Destro and MM and survival hunters.


Just because you’re a ret paladin doesn’t mean the rest of us have to be on your level.

Demo’s finally a meta pick, deal with it. :sunglasses:

That would result in the content being concomitantly raised in difficulty, as now players overall would be relatively weaker vis-a-vis the content.

Changes that result in an increase of endgame difficulty require considerably more circumspection than ones that make it easier, one need only look at how the raid scene in LOTRO cratered during its first expansion as a textbook example. Same reason I expect that they usually start out making endgame content backbreakingly hard and adjust it downward as appropriate (e.g., follow a World First race and notice all the nerfs that get rolled out during and after).

No, it wouldn’t. RWF is a joke, they just pick the most broken stuff and abuse it, if it was up to me I would watch and absolutely demolish whatever class they were trying to stack. Content isn’t harder because you don’t have a demo lock or survival hunter, I’m sure plenty of guilds have never even seen a survival hunter. The content isn’t tuned for the top it’s tuned for the middle.

No nerfs, only buffs!!! I want to play Disc Priest again, but I’m not calling on Holy to be nerfed! Disc just needs a buff! Holy is finally shining for once and that’s great! Don’t try to bring yourself up by putting others down please!