Can we have more privacy in forums to feel more safe?

hiding ur armory and profile so u can troll even harder? no thanks


Indications that you are a vampire.

ive been vocal about why i post on the dk i am now and ppl still bash me lol im even honest about it. funny bc it’s for privacy reasons… and i get hated on over it. its so weird

How does your idea of anonymous posting differ from the anonymous posting I’m doing with the character?

With as much hair as I have, more leaning towards lycanthrope of some sort.

Seriously hair… just yeah… hair. XD


Thank you, i think same. We want privacy because we had bad experiences and still having them when people first check your armory/achievements then trying to engage in a “discusion” which always goes this way: You opinion is invalid because you are troll, low lvl alt etc.

This topic itself proved this a lot of times. Same people trying to derail it into 404. fake flagging posts just because they do not like an opinion which is different.

Why you feel the urge to know if a poster is same person or not? Do you ask anyone in-game if someone behing a character is same person or not? You do not.

And in my 20 year experience in World of warcraft, nothing ever happened to me in-game. Forums - different story.

You just demonizing entire forums because of your personal opinion. I already stated purpose of this topic.

Anonymous posting would change your name for e.g. I would be Night elf Hunter, no armory, no achivement points, no displayed lvl. Just my night elf icon and name - night elf hunter.

20 people out of millions are not THAT many players against it. Besides, forums are just minor reflection of what people actually wants.

Well, it may not be a violation but it is definitely not a nice thing to do.

Pet battles must go or be option to hide them too. This site linking our characters via battle pets. I was suprised that i never logged in that site before they got all my characters displayed on it, like HOW?

Yes, that’s the whole point about this suggestion, i do not want people check my forum character armory.

and i never faced a single harassment in-game in my entire 20 year gaming in World of Wacraft, but daily in forums. Which is always a masked and offensive language from X who oppose ideas like this topic or playable high elves.

well they already did something in overwatch2. Just in-game.

dont forget them dog biscuits.crunch crunch munch munch.

It sounds like what you really want is a personal blog. Maybe you should go do that.


Hold on people still harass people over digital elves?


THAT WAS ONE TIME… ok maybe 2.

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Yes. orcs and trolls and other ugly races in horde hate blood elves, void elves, and high elves, and everyone else except their race.

And yes, you are being attacked if you ask for playable high elves such as silver covenant high elves.

I generally make jokes of “eeeew elves!” or “No more elves!” That or setting the tree on fire again. LET ME BURN THAT TREE!

So if you see that from me, it isn’t at all to be mean or anything. It’s 100% to be goofy. I could honestly care less. If people want elves.

I think though they should be neutral race though that should be either side with druid in there cause… well druids. Love druids.


How does your idea of anonymous posting differ from the anonymous posting I’m doing with the character?

No armory, no achievement points or level since is a low level classic alt.

If you want to have a real discussion on this topic, you need to respond to questions other than just say “I think it would be a good idea”.


Right. IN GAME they have a streamer feature.

The OW forums post by Battletag. Just like every other Blizzard forum. Only this forum allows you to make anonymous level 10 classic alts infinitely so that you can pretend to be different people posting.

You want the most anonymous of the forums to be even more anonymous. After proving there is no threat to your real life safety, and apparently nobody bothers you in game either.

If you don’t like that people remember you, and your posting history, don’t post. I am sorry but hiding even a basic made up user name only leads to worse behavior, as has been cited in study after study and was already discussed in this thread.

You won’t be getting 4chan anon posting formatting.


It if very personal for every Night elf lover like me. I still mourn about that. Teldrassil and Darnassus were special to me since beginning.

Also, i can feel a different presence from you. I am thankful.

as i said multiple times in every single reply about that, yes it is in-game. As i said ?

Because it is MMORPG forums, i have a zero trouble if people switch to other characters to express their opinions and thoughts.

Yes thank you. if you do not like topic you can also not post in it. I do not need to be berated or mocked, ridiculed by X, Y just because i and we want more privacy.

I for one want less secrecy and more harassment with the added benefits of creepy stalkers! I fully advocate for the RealID solution that was discarded by Blizzard in 2010. Our full name, date of birth, address, high school transcripts, credit score, and grub hub ordering habits should be readily available to anyone on these forums! /s

or just make everyone post as their Bnet. It’s not like you are engaging in roleplaying your in-game character on the forums, unless you in-game character is a level 10 forum troll.

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i agree this is a bad idea for the forums


Streamer mode, to stop stream sniping. You do know what Streamer Mode is, and how it works?


I like the topic just fine. It is a great place for me to express my opinion. My opinion just happens to be the opposite of yours. Stating facts is not “berating” people.

You have already made it clear you have full privacy and safety. What you want is to be able to ditch the MMO aspect of characters, and post with zero static identity. So that people don’t remember that yesterday you were pro-class change, and today you are against the same class change (Example only). That is the opposite goal of a community forum that is supposed to build ties, build community, and share information.

Right? This is the other horrible extreme.

Full real ID OR full anon are both extremes and both very very destructive to community for different reasons. The first is more dangerous for privacy as well, obviously.


As a person who makes a lot of grammatical mistakes, are you sure you want us to berate, mock, or ridicule you for wanting more privacy?


No we’re not. As one member of the High Elf community, I would love to see a seperate playable race of High Elves from the SC. But as time moved on, this topic has pretty much died, ever since both the Blood Elves and Void Elves got High Elven customizations. The community at larged moved on, myself included, and the only people that remained are the ones who prefer to troll and spam the forums with a topic that is pretty much dead.

People aren’t attacking the High Elf community, it is a couple who still prefer to spam after the dead horse turned into dust particles. It is time to let the dead horse rest in peace. It can not be beaten any further.