Can we have more privacy in forums to feel more safe?

Yeah they went off on a whole tirade the other day in their thread that got 404’d mocking another player for their logs and now they claim that they don’t want players to have access to that information.

They seemed perfectly fine with it when they were using it to troll and harass another player. Despicable behavior.


If those comments came from an anonymous poster would that be better?


Passive aggressiveness (even more so) after being put in their place by the same mods they were cheering on, i’m assuming.


I’m straight out of like’s and Blizzard no want to give me likes.





The irony is that the brigade that constantly derails threads and mass reports are breaking the ToS.

Rules for thee, not for me. Where have we seen this before…?

I’m glad Blizzard would never look at making anyone “anon” to posting on the forums.


you could just mute this thread and ignore it you know?
the topic got unlocked by vrak so obviously its not terrible its ppl keep
fightning n derailing. if u dont wanna discuss then move on cos ur post is exactly
whats hes talking about.

i mean ppl dont want us in the main forum topic, and ppl dont want anyone to make new ones its crazy lmao.

Pretty sure that got fixed so that the realm thing did not have to be linked realms anymore and was actually Account wide. Just like the forums should be.


You tell em’ Rita!!


I really like that Vrakthris was saying exactly what I was saying the problem with their responses were: when there were counter-points presented, they would spit out a copy-paste response that just was the same thing.

Meanwhile, if people want a legitimate point against anonymous posting… Here are a few. It probably won’t be discussed because they refuse to acknowledge the problem with their ideas, but here they are.
The Online Disinhibition Effect: Any claims that anonymity makes people nicer is rebutted by studies, the benefits is that being anonymous may make one more free to share or say things they would not normally say, however, we are already anonymous here in that we are free to say what we wish and be open with what we think or feel without the threat of it affecting us beyond our own fake reputations on these forums. That disinhibition effect, however, also makes people meaner as we are less empathetic towards blank screens and with no possible repercussions for what we say, trolling happens.

We already have partial-anonymity that keeps our personal lives and information from the real world separate from what occurs here so we are at no threat of losing our jobs or livelihoods or anything else of the sort unless what it is posted is so vile that it would require being reported to law enforcement (thankfully I have not seen anything of the sort on these forums) so for the most part, we are already anonymous for the purpose of having privacy on the forums.

Attaching at least a character name to a message, it allows one to build a reputation of being a credible or non-credible source of information. In the world of information, anything anyone ever says is only as believable as the source and that is true universally. You’d want the views of a raider on things about raiding, and the views of a PvPer on things about PvP, just like how you’d want to get the weather report from a weather channel (or the app that gets its info from the weather channel) and not from just a guy on the street. When you remove any form of credibility, you end up with effectively Youtube comment sections where sorting the relevant answers from the fake ones becomes more or less impossible.

Reasonable accountability. Plato, a Greek Philosopher, even touched on the concept of how people act when they have no fear of consequence. Even back before internet trolling wasn’t even a concept, the concept of anonymity (or invisibility in the example of the Ring of Gyges) was measured in that morality comes from full-disclosure and that if we did not have accountability for our actions, we would all act unjustly.

Psychological research also supports that claim from a philosopher from Ancient Greece that anonymity increases unethical behavior, from cases on cyber bullying and road rage to even lawsuits in which anonymous posters had gone so far out of line that those posters had to have that anonymity stripped away as they had legislation filed against them because, believe it or not, every state in the US has laws in regards to harassment, stalking, and bullying which include electronic communication.

We are anonymous on the forums. We have our privacy protected and we’re safe to say what we wish and there’s zero reason to be more private, as we are at the point where we have enough privacy where we can be more open with what we say to express our opinions but going further into the anonymous pit will only start bringing out more of the negative aspects of online anonymity.

Asking for full-anonymity is asking for that ring of invisibility to be free from consequence and anyone who has been on the internet for more than 24 hours in their life would know, an anonymous person with a keyboard has the capacity to become a monster.

There are already enough methods to prevent people from messaging you, to prevent them from knowing what aspects of the game you engage in, to prevent them from knowing your alts or your guild or even if you have played the game at all, yet at the same time, who needs to hide such information? The less anyone knows, the less anyone is to care and if the OP’s idea was taken seriously then we’d end up with just a lot of threads just like this one, no discussion, no real substance, just a lot bad takes being flung at a wall while the rest of the forum-goers just watch the trainwreck.

In summary?
If someone harasses you, report them. If you don’t want to talk to anyone in an online game? Don’t say anything. If you want to make a suggestion? Convince them. This suggestion, however, hasn’t had a single redeeming quality yet, we already are anonymously posting with an fake name, asking to remove the fake name is just inviting more problems.


what an odd take. As you suggested I am just using the tools provided to avoid harassment. And it works far far better than what you suggested because I don’t have to bother blizzard . Since I have tried your way and it doesn’t work great and this way works great a very unusual assessment for you to claim unreasonable. How the heck doesn’t it hold water? Very bizarre - did you forgot what you said originally.

hiding ur armory and profile so u can troll even harder? no thanks


Indications that you are a vampire.

ive been vocal about why i post on the dk i am now and ppl still bash me lol im even honest about it. funny bc it’s for privacy reasons… and i get hated on over it. its so weird

How does your idea of anonymous posting differ from the anonymous posting I’m doing with the character?

With as much hair as I have, more leaning towards lycanthrope of some sort.

Seriously hair… just yeah… hair. XD


Thank you, i think same. We want privacy because we had bad experiences and still having them when people first check your armory/achievements then trying to engage in a “discusion” which always goes this way: You opinion is invalid because you are troll, low lvl alt etc.

This topic itself proved this a lot of times. Same people trying to derail it into 404. fake flagging posts just because they do not like an opinion which is different.

Why you feel the urge to know if a poster is same person or not? Do you ask anyone in-game if someone behing a character is same person or not? You do not.

And in my 20 year experience in World of warcraft, nothing ever happened to me in-game. Forums - different story.

You just demonizing entire forums because of your personal opinion. I already stated purpose of this topic.

Anonymous posting would change your name for e.g. I would be Night elf Hunter, no armory, no achivement points, no displayed lvl. Just my night elf icon and name - night elf hunter.

20 people out of millions are not THAT many players against it. Besides, forums are just minor reflection of what people actually wants.

Well, it may not be a violation but it is definitely not a nice thing to do.

Pet battles must go or be option to hide them too. This site linking our characters via battle pets. I was suprised that i never logged in that site before they got all my characters displayed on it, like HOW?

Yes, that’s the whole point about this suggestion, i do not want people check my forum character armory.

and i never faced a single harassment in-game in my entire 20 year gaming in World of Wacraft, but daily in forums. Which is always a masked and offensive language from X who oppose ideas like this topic or playable high elves.

well they already did something in overwatch2. Just in-game.

dont forget them dog biscuits.crunch crunch munch munch.

It sounds like what you really want is a personal blog. Maybe you should go do that.


Hold on people still harass people over digital elves?


THAT WAS ONE TIME… ok maybe 2.

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Yes. orcs and trolls and other ugly races in horde hate blood elves, void elves, and high elves, and everyone else except their race.

And yes, you are being attacked if you ask for playable high elves such as silver covenant high elves.