Can we have more privacy in forums to feel more safe?

Remember the machine Wile E Coyote went to and asked it questions?

That’s basically what chat GPT is. People feed it enough information it just flings stuff back.

It is handy for finding sources though and summarizing topics.

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Just gonna drop this in here.

that’s a good question, one that i am happy to answer:

When a person doesn’t feel worried that someone may come contact them in game as the result of a disagreement on the forums, a person would feel more comfortable sharing their opinions and thus opening up the dialogue to a much more productive discussion.

no i am not actually because people can look at my achievements through the armory and then use that connect my posting character to my main and other alts that i play, which is something that a full anonymous posting system would rectify - this is the reason OP suggested it and i would be happy to agree with Nelfas.

My latest foray was when I asked Google how old Jaina is because I wasn’t sure of the time skip that’s supposedly happened between BfA and TWW.

It gave me an AI generated answer that basically tells me Jaina was born in L.A. and I just kinda went “huh?” at it xD


lol yeah it uh… it has it’s moments.

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Afraid not.


In other words, reverting the WoW forums to behave as Blizzard’s other forums always have would solve both the account-wide ignore issue AND the forum anonymity issue.

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Oh this post is back up.

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The ability to not post anonymously ensures that those who are posting are held accountable by not only the moderators but the community as well.

I have no problem with this, If someone doesn’t want to share their armory that’s not an issue with me.

Of course I am a strong advocate for posting under a single bnet account. It doesn’t matter to me if all the various characters are available to post with or not. As long as the different characters are linked together with their reputation and posting history.

It may not be the most popular opinion. But it is my opinion.


actually i would like to respectfully disagree with that as i have already addressed this in a previous post:

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yes the moderators have decided that we are allowed to have our own thread to discuss the forum changes that we would like to see in a civil manner and i am glad they did.

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Let us hope it stays that way.

Btag suggestions can stay in their own lane.

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Will you do the same?

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I still say making the wow forums anonymous would be the quickest way to kill the entire forums

You can actually just find numerous studies regarding peoples behavior in online spaces and it has been shown multiple times that upon being given complete anonymity the environment becomes much more hostile

As for private armory, I don’t see the point of that existing since it doesn’t do anything in regards to your safety or anything else trying to be discussed, if people having the ability to see the public information bothers you then you can already utilize the WoW classic character in the vanilla era and have no armory page at all


It’s not letting me sign up somewhere without clicking the “Buy prem”. So either it’s giving me the runaround, or you can only sign up though prem. :dizzy_face:

Strange I had an account before premium. That just lets you have the basic GPT thing.

/shrug dunno

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And the rest of my questions, rather than cherry-picking just the fragment of a sentence that you have a canned answer for?

Gosh. I’m starting to think that you weren’t actually interested in having a productive discussion about this subject that required that the topic be reopened, since you haven’t presented any new assertions, proof or theories. And Nelfas hasn’t even posted again at all!


…Well… Eyes her recent thread and looks back at you.

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I thought this was the most recent thread aside from that cs thread?

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No, i do mean the CS Thread.

Personally, i don’t think she’s like banned or anything.