Can we get some transfers off this realm?

80/20 alli to horde ratio if not more, impossible to world pvp due to 1v3/1v4/1vX, super hard to find any instance group as horde, very very limited tanks, only like 3/4 raiding guilds that all have the same raid days/times so unless you have that certain time off youre literally never going to raid. I came off Stallag horde to come to this server the first day it was available and now the server is horrible. Every horde i talk to also is frustrated with the imbalance of the factions on the server, going to BRD just to die 2-3 times before even getting in the instance. About to reroll another server tbh because its pretty dumb


I honestly don’t know how horde do it. Since layering has been removed this server is absolutely stupid unless you play at 5 am. You have alliance players every 3 feet in most zones. Mob competition is horrendous. I was wrong about layering and I’ll eat crow on that one. This is way worse than my original vanilla experience with smaller servers. /confessions of a slow leveler.


No idea what you talking about, this Xfer to that server was the best thing I did in WoW so far !
I’m not here for PvE tho" !


The real problem with minority faction is that people leave/quit as a result. This further removes players from the pool on that faction creating a dead server (at least for that faction). Some don’ care about a faction balance, however all will care if they cant find groups/raids/guilds to play with.

This IMO is why blizzard needs a solution. To avoid a faction becoming dead, not necessary an imbalance issue.

Allowing the horde to transfer off will just compound the issue for the horde. They need to get more horde in.

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Strength in numbers. Roll with me Joopah and we will make it.


It’s not hard to find a group for dungeons. It’s hard to find a tank period. If you want to be able to find a group then reroll a tank since no one wants to play one then you should have insta invites when you start spamming “tank lfg”. Now as for the 2v1 3v1 4v1 situation start telling fellow horde players to quit being pve babies and do some world pvp. I see so many people go outa there way to avoid or just ride on by usually as your getting ganked. It’s like people didn’t really understand what a PVP server really was

We really need some Alliance census takers to get an idea of the true numbers. I’ve been running a census on the horde at various times of the day on different days in order to get a true horde population result.

CensusPlusClassic has a workaround now for Blizz removing the automatic census taking capabilities. It utilizes your mouse clicks to complete /who requests while you play.

Any Alliance players who are willing to help out please install the AddOn and in the options menu enable the two options at the bottom under “Semi Automatic Requests”

After the census completes do a /reload then upload your results to the wowclassicpopulation website. (Cannot include a link.) . Instructions on what file to upload are included on that page.

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Put up the resistance you damn crybaby!! Level up and gear up! You get to practice your pvp skills 5-8 times more than allies do!!!
For the horde!!

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Put it this way, there are so many alliance on of late, that Iron Forge and Storm Wind have become extremely lagy even to move around in.

I agree the imbalance is quite annoying yes, although I think you may be over exaggerating it a bit. There is solutions to your problems - quest with a friend or in groups, or group up with whoever you see out farming the same mobs as you, teamwork is key for survival. Playing solo is rough, but you can deff do it if you go to some of the less popular zones/areas.
As far as grouping goes, its hit or miss if not prime time but again still doable. Just keep looking in world chat while your questing/farming/etc. - until you find a group or a group fills. I’ve found that starting a group myself seems to work much better and faster than looking for one, seems much easier to find people that way. I ran Uldaman twice yesterday, and we only had 1 wipe total.
My guild just did our first full guild only MC run last night, got to sulfuron no problems.
TL;DR - It is a little more challenging than normal due to the imbalance yes, but generally this is life on a PVP server. Take the extra steps to adapt and deal with it, or re roll on a PvE I guess. Hope that helps a little.

P.S> - I do agree we need more horde though! Alliance should transfer off not horde LOL

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He isn’t over exaggerating. It’s literally 78% to 22% now for players 50-60. I’ve got two accounts and I keep track of the numbers on both sides. I just do a manual search since census was busted. It’s disgusting. And the low levels don’t even matter because so many quit and go elsewhere when they can’t level due to the constant ganking.

So no this isn’t the normal life on a PvP server. There’s only two or three realms this badly skewed. Stalagg is one where it’s just like this except horde dominate there.


That’s crazy, there’s like 20 horde in Org/UC.

Ironically on some nights, there are more Ally in Org than Horde.

When I roll around with my raid team, it is epic. But solo content is fundamentally impossible.

It’s true that 50/60 horde have FAR less than ally, but the overall imbalance doesn’t seem to be that bad.

I’ve briefly chatted with a Heartseeker ally on the forums, and he gave me some rough numbers. Seems closer to a 59/41 split overall, but like i said, rough numbers. Another thing to note is that he said at least half of the allies on were lvl 60, while my /who horde side showed only about 20% of the horde online being lvl 60. Horde still has a lot of lvlers and or alts.

We’re both performing more manual /who tonight during prime time, so I’ll post numbers of both factions tonight


Thank you for your efforts Rhy! It helps to have additional data to validate against different sources.

Interesting, Draintoo above references 78:22 for the split for 50-60. Based upon what you just provided, we have 73:27 split for 60’s. Those exhibit a relatively small delta.

From acedotal experience at 60, it seems close to this 75:25 mark.


So I got home late, and ended up taking the census at 11:10 server time. Tonight is actually on the lower end pop wise, being a little over 1200 right now and around 1500 most nights I’ve done a /who rampage. For specifics, there were 916 horde lvl 1-59 on, and 296 horde lvl 60. That’s only about 25% of the horde online being lvl 60. Most are lvl 30-55.

I haven’t heard from the ally on Heartseeker yet, so hopefully I will tomorrow night. I’ll do a fresh /who if he does.


Thank you to Rhydell and everyone else putting in all this effort. Im still riding it out but unless im on at odd times (very early AM) soloing is pretty rough if not impossible in most areas ive tried. (im 44 ATM so lately STV, Tanaris) Tanaris especially seems to be extremely ally dominant. There does seem to be a lot of horde still though, at least in Org during popular times the city still looks pretty packed.

Im struggling with trying to make a decision lol. Should i stay or should i go? If I go there will be trouble (for real, my wife plays on this server as well LOL) - but if I stay there will be double (3v1 4v1 5v1 ganks)
Sorry i couldnt resist.

You guys are in a pretty good spot tbh. Come P2 for alliance it’s going to be very boring. If I could swap sides with you. We would.


I know , right?

Hopefully paid transfers become a thing sooner then later.

Stay! For one, we need all the horde we can get haha. Also if you stick it out to 60 phase 2 will have plenty of ally to slaughter for honor

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