Can we get free transfers?

This servers insane and it’s only gonna get worse on launch.

Imagine wanting to server change from the best realm in World of Warcraft. Something only an Orc would do… and he wants Blizzard to pay for it. That’s like asking your mom to buy you underwear from Goodwill. You’ll never find another realm like Tichondrius. You’re lucky I even let you play here in the first place.

Place sucks butt. There aren’t arena battlegroups anymore so it literally doesn’t matter. When Swifty raids Zuldazar you can’t play, when 10 people walk into 10 other people in Nazjatar you can’t play, the server is down more often than any other. I guess if you’re a neckbeard who really cares about mythic raids maybe it’s beneficial to have a large server like this, questionable though if the server just goes down for 2-3 days whenever there’s a new patch.

Sounds like my kind of place! :rabbit2:

I honestly hate this server. I can’t even find a decent guild. I thought I’d like a populated server, but the community sucks.