Can we get Female satyr? Broken? etc and male Shivarra/Harpies etc

I’d give you a like, but the forum gods have deemed me unworthy of any more positivity today.


You dont know your lore then.

They all are part of the same lore, the one that made them ALL.

Just go to the freaking War of the Ancients book.

This topic reaches the “Safe Journey point”

This isn’t classic literature, it’s WoW and female Satyrs already exist in Warcraft. Lo and behold… the Satyr Shadowcaster:


I know my lore well enough, Thank you very much. I only seek education in where my facts stray.

Dont start thinking of me as “One of the people who like that they reduce women to fruit or remove emotes” I am strictly against that.

That would be Lo and Behold :smiley:

Most of WoW comes from classical literary backgrounds with alterations.

I do not have an opinion on the model you posted other than the prude squad would demand she cover up.

Going to stop you right there champ. This is Azeroth, not ancient mythological Greece,
and here Satyrs are are former Highborne that were cursed by Sargaras.

Sargaras created Xavius, the first Satyr, who then passed on his curse to others.

Too late, cry harder.


Phone autocorrected it. I had to go back and fix it. LOL

Exactly. With alterations!

His comment doesn’t even make any sense. Nothing in War of the Ancients says Satyrs are male only. It simply goes through how thencurse began. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Well its on brand for the GD

Also +1 for female satyrs

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Female satyr would be a fantastic addition!


Kind of hilarious that he got three likes for raging over mythology that’s completely moot when female satyr already exist in this universe. lol



You’re trying to degrade women as inferior if you’re not using the correct term

Clark my friend we are talking canon lore here. The Female satyrs are referred to as “Satyr”.

I hope their skin will be also playable for players!!!

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Well I’m unsure if satyr is the species name or not. I wouldn’t call a woman a humaness.

We don’t know what correct term for male satyr are.

A good effort though.

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He’s just being snarky with Talonel, due to his most recent behavior. :wink:

ah ok
Didnt know. I mostly categorize clark as well… Very pro Blizzard.

Clark is a good guy. He just has a tendency to tunnel vision and misunderstand issues sometimes.

It’s ok, and thanks for bringing those images to my attention, I haven’t played wc3 reforged and wasn’t aware of that model. It looks great and I’d love to see it represented in the game!

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the real question is why can’t you just accept it for what it is? Is it keeping you up at night tossing and turning that there’s no female level 40 satyers?

You not. I can write as much as I want regardless of YOUR wants.

And you can say pretty much whatever you want, I dont care what a random person says over a well established book that is here in my shelf. lol