Can we get Female satyr? Broken? etc and male Shivarra/Harpies etc

Yeah? Then why is the icon for Bezerker Rage an angry tauren?

Actually, bullheaded is ore like being stubborn. It’s not about being quick to anger.


Blizzard has done it with pretty much everything in the game. Not even humans were exempt.


Alright i stand corrected. Still I dont see a reason not to. Especially if we are getting incubus. Why cant they like give us female satyrs? I mean unless Blizzard have something against creating Female Npcs and favor male npcs?

Oh I agree. The Legion quest was a bit odd to me that she was a male Satyr.


There is no reason to add another version of a female nature spirit akin to satyr other than “You dont dig its model so you want a more girl satyr model”.

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We need female Satyrs please.
We need female Ogres please.
We need male Blood Elves please.


There is nothing wrong with that even if it is false.

I want equality and equity .I hope blizzard wants the same but If they prefer to just add Male variants to female npcs then I think we have a problem.

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The female Nelf who was turned into a male Satyr in Legion says otherwise to me.

Concept art exists, they existed in WC3. Why are you against it? How does it ruin your gameplay if it’s added?


They also exist in hearthstone.

Female mogu exists (and is more numerous post 5.2) Yet well yeah. You know better implement it sooner rather than later.

Aren’t Satyrs by definition male? I think the female term is Dryad, or Nyad, or one of those things. Greek mythology was very gendered.

True, but I’m going to stick to the game that’s directly connected to WoW lore and specifically changed to be in line with the lore so both games are consistent. :wink:

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Those don’t exist. Kinda like female Dwarves.


Well not in warcraft.

Not in this universe.

This is specifically the Satyr Shadowdancer in WC3 Reforged:


There are nymphs and fauns in Warcraft. Plenty of them.

There is a dungeon and a Raid where they are also among Satyr.

You can find them even as far back is in the dungeons from WotLK.

I guess you could find them even back in vanilla, but I cant actually point out where.

I think Dire Maul had them.

Do me a favor, since I’m apparently on that warlock’s ignore list: link him the Satyr Shadowcaster image. Explain female Satyrs already exist.


Yes but they are Separate creatures from Warcrafts satyrs Sort of the same as Gnomes and Garden Gnomes are not the same creatures.

Female satyrs already exists. As has been proved in the OP.


lolol… :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Come now, ye have to admit our female lassies be a mite more pleasant to behold than they use tae be.

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Classic literature all satyrs are male and all nymphs are female.