Can we get Female satyr? Broken? etc and male Shivarra/Harpies etc

I literally laughed out loud when I read that female satyrs in a video game are now “culturally insensitive.”

It’s okay to say “slaps some boobs,” but we draw the line at video game lore having two genders of a made up race, because “MUH GREEK MYTH! CULTURALLY INSENSITIVE!”



Based off of, but not imitating.

harpies not having males terrify me. shivarra maybe idk.

you’re still a minotaur by appearance.
but im not going on a rampant discussion why you should be either removed or named after it.

Taken how previous content was added or scrapped and the reasons for it, the propositioners of this are going the wrong way about advocating for it.
Preaching you are right does not make for a good argument for what you saying being a popular proposition.

No, they’re not.

A minotaur is a man’s body with a bull’s head.

Tauren have hooves for feet and are clearly only vaguely hominid in form.


nothing else really matters in regards to whether female satyrs can be added in world of warcraft—which is what this thread was asking for. ALL that matters here is whether it fits with warcraft lore.

you’re arguing whether female satyrs can exist in greek mythology. that has nothing to do with world of warcraft. it doesn’t matter. it’s off-topic.


Doesn’t make it any less stupid.

Rhielle has literally been arguing that ‘slapping boobs on Satyr’ is creepy and sexist, yet that was the entire point of this thread.

You explain that one.

Sorry what? All I am doing is basically remind Blizzard and everyone else that “There is this concept art and this stuff exists in the Lore and is supported by you guys And I am certain if you can find a way to include a model for the incubus, Then I am pretty sure you can do a Female satyr.”

Again, the thread is posed as a question.

I provided a reasoned answer grounded in linguistic archeology, the mythology that originated the satyr, and history.

If the OP wanted this to be an echo chamber for agreeing with his (ill-informed) desire for a female form for an essentially male mythological creature, he should have posted differently.

Hey! Guess what satyrs are?!

Wait for it…

Your own words…


Wrong. You three constantly using the phrase “slapping boobs” is what’s creepy and sexist. Take your fetish elsewhere.


And WoW satyr don’t imitate Greek satyr. Like tauren, their similarities largely end at their appearance and their name.

Like, I’m reading up on satyr as this thread devolves into chaos and the differences are literally night and die. Greek satyr are nature spirits that drink wine all day and seduce women.

WoW satyrs are just chaotic demons…


said poster were the one that literally brought up… In their own words “slapping boobs on Satyr” as a Subject The only points about how the model could be created is to have it be inspired by the Sylvar Model but corrupted and twisted. But that was from me and I havent seen any other suggestion.

Not to mention, as pointed out, by features they are actually Roman Fauns…

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they kinda look like hairy draenei. maybe they’ll be that model’s vulpera equivalent

you have issues…

THERE IT IS. knew that was coming as this was your entire point of this post. trolling hard these days.


To me, the only real question here is: Is it probable or not to be be done ?
It does not matter in that regard what is smart, true, lore appropriate or whatever, it matters how much crap it brings.
Right now, it is too much noise for its worth. If I were to judge the idea by its popularity alone, Iwould say this wont worth the effort it demands, even if it is not much.

If there was more of a popular claim with good spirit, maybe.

Right now it seems like an idea that is used by both sides with toxicity for it and against it.

Yes, please.

As for why we didn’t get them, Blizz has a long history of not making the female of races in the game. Feels like it’s always been that the male model was the default and the female is some weird variation to make only if there’s time.

Wasn’t always like this. Classic was pretty good at launch about having males and females. I mean, even the quillboar had both (though, due to some quest dialog in the Barrens it seems Blizz no longer remembers which model is which-- unless they’ve fixed that. Haven’t done that quest in a very long time). Probably why ogres stuck out so much in Classic for only having males.

But after Classic, female models of non-playable races just became an afterthought. If I remember right, they didn’t make any new female models for any race that had males until the Vrykul in in Wrath. Then it continued in Mists, no female jinyu, no femle hozen, no female mogu until, like, the last raid, etc.

Bottom line, post Classic, Blizz has always treated the female model as unnecessary. Which, given the current state of things reveled about their years of toxic frat boy environment is not surprising. I’m hoping that if Blizz is actually serious with their newfound inclusiveness that they won’t treat female models as some weird unnecessary thing, only to work on if there’s time left after making the males. Maybe even adding some in where they left them out, like in this case.


The OP didn’t ask for female satyrs. He asked if we could have them.

The question implies a request for a response.

Which I gave, based on facts - historical, linguistic, and mythological.

The ONLY thing anyone has offered in support of it is out-of-game “lore.”

I’m not arguing whether female satyrs can be added to Greek mythology. That’s not in question as that’s a historical issue. There were none and could have been none as the satyr is an essential male spirit.

Holy cow you’re right, it wouldn’t even be accurate to say WoW and Greek satyr looked the same!

Cautionary note: be careful if you try to look up imagery of Greek satyr. Only do so if you’re okay with… um… body parts…

The Greeks were a bit wild.

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