Can we get Female satyr? Broken? etc and male Shivarra/Harpies etc

I am open to the idea of including MORE races than just the Satyr. Hell I think we should have Naaru with male personalities.

well first we’d have to have a naaru with any personality at all


satyrs are not male spirit creatures in world of warcraft. your argument is off-topic.


I have not the least problem with this as long as they’re not called “satyrs” which has a male, gender-specific meaning.

I think emotions are running high due to current events, and some people got triggered by the word female

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Well ehm… That is on the writers and devs i suppose. and you have literally a higher chance of winning a billion dollars from the jackpot than that.

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Again, and I can’t believe I have to repeat this, just because a corporation makes a decision doesn’t mean that decision isn’t dumb, inappropriate, and wrong.

The ONLY argument anyone has had in favor of this is “Blizzard says so” - argument by authority - in this case an ill-informed, culturally insenstitive, historically ignorant authority.

Takes a very special kind of smart not to see that.

Clearly! I mean, I was all ready to respond to that other guy about the difference between rhetorical style and legitimate evolutions of word usage, and then I scroll and see a bunch of ad-homs and… accusations of sexism?

Never expected the word “satyr” to be this close to home for some people, I guess.


One could argue that most of the male only races in wow would like a female counter part.

Cause you know…. Got to respawn somehow. And they might be bored with no players around.

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ima assume that part of this is your job irl…
and this is why you are so angry about it…

this post is about world of warcraft. you can think it’s dumb in relation to greek mythology all you want, but that has no bearing on what happens in world of warcraft. world of warcraft is not greek mythology.

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It might explain why Xavius was obsessed with Malfurion



I fail to see how adding more male AND female variants of certain races is bad in anyway. The way I see it it enriches the race lore and culture and that is something I think that the races etc need.

I mean there are Female quillboars etc so why cant there be a Female Satyr or a female Gnoll or a Female tuskarr?

And as I stated before.

If blizzard are adding “Male variants” to female variants in Karazhan etc I definetly dont see how the other way would be “Problematic”

Those aren’t horns. They are part of the helmet. It was a gift from Sarg- er, some guy.

Look, I don’t have to take it off! I have nothing to prove.


Excuse me. Spicy breakfast

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OMFG. Dense much?

A question was asked.

I answered it.

Satyr is a male mythological creature.

If Blizzard wants to create a bi-gendered race that’s similar to satyrs in appearance they are free to, but using the word “satyr” for them is culturally inappropriate, linguistically incorrect, and logically inconsistent.

Call them Goatoids or even Satyrites (which means only “like satyrs”), or anything else.


Technically by features WoW’s “Satyrs” are Fauns so… Roman rather than Greek. Key features that make them Fauns: Goat like horns, hairy goat lower legs and hooves, pointed ears, etc.

Fishing in GD is so easy. You barely need bait.


Anyway, put me down for a female satyr that follows that sick Legion concept art. My issue with many of the female demons (Hearthstone/WC3 female satyr, succubi, and night elf demon hunters) is that they all look like the exact same race.