Can we get Female satyr? Broken? etc and male Shivarra/Harpies etc

Except a female Nelf did get corrupted…

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Grab a model from the Fae then play with the outfits and skin tones should take about a week. Then plug it into the game with the other random males.

While your at it you could use the Fae to update the males too. Win win.

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I resent that remark! There was never any evidence of…

Um, what I mean to say is…

I didn’t do it.


ah, so your one of those types of people…

Got it, now anyone else here think female satyrs should still be a thing?

so your objection is about something that the post isn’t about. that’s off-topic.

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We found the corruptor! Satyr in disguise! :scream:


Yeah I know but it was still the best argument against the idea. But you know I saw it as the user trying to crack a joke.

I know! That was more for the three trolls than you. lol

Could you elaborate further please?


Just . . . wow.

The topic of the post is “Can we get a Female satyr?”

The answer I offered is “no” for reasons grounded in history, the mythology the satyr is drawn from, and linquistic archology.

So far as I can see the only counter argument is “Blizzard says so”.

There really aren’t enough letters in the word “smart” to describe the very special kind of smart displayed here by you.

By the looks of it, it is not a club, it is a whole nation. With citizens on both sides of the contention.

It’s like you don’t understand context at all and just shout ‘Sexism!’ at everything you don’t agree with.

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the post was asking if we can have female satyr in world of warcraft.

in world of warcraft.

in world of warcraft.


Right… so much for seeking actual knowledge on a subject. Alas I wont make that mistake twice. :roll_eyes:

How on earth did this issue, out of everything, get to be this contentious?

Sumii stop your scaring him!

But muh greek mythology!!!

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Tbh most idea threads die out quite quickly unless if its a Void/High Elf thread.
So in a way this actually made the concept Female Satyrs a lot more popular lol

Female satyr.

Female satyr.

Female “male spirit creature.”

Female “male spirit creature.”

See. I can repeat things too.

A quick overview of female draenei:

Hooves :white_check_mark:
Horns :white_check_mark:
Backward bent legs :white_check_mark:
Female :white_check_mark:

Close enough to being satyrs.

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