Can we get account wide ignore?

My flags are limited, so yes, I’m selective about where and when I use them. You use yours as you see fit.

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That is someone who will never admit with words that flagging a post by them could ever possibly be justified, when history tells us that can in fact be the case.

They will however, admit it with actions, by editing a flagged post to try and avoid the moderators ire.


at this point i wish vrak would come in here and say something like on this topic. i legit seen yours, mine, ard paw and lith get flagged on here within the day

why even discuss anything if ppl just gonna chain flag lol. barely no one here wants to discuss just wish ppl be honest n say this instead of reporting lol. like most ppl allegedly have me on ignore but i doubt it since they want to see what i said to report it

you can’t make your own forum topic bc they report it. it’s getting tiring.

There is a rule against duplicate threads on the same topic. This thread has been ruled to be on the topic of forum improvements, and if you know about this thread, they don’t want you creating a duplicate.

If the people you mentioned were a little more observant of the CoC, they wouldn’t get flagged. You seem to have a blind spot for rules violations when you agree with what the rules violator was trying to say.

He’s been pretty clear: if you think something is against the rules, flag it. Even if it’s an edge case you think is worthy of a moderator to double check.


source? who said this


but he said that before he unlocked nelfas 2nd thread. look at where he mentioned giving her a chance again. ards topic got flagged too. then you got ppl flagging en masse here. there’s probably a reason why no one wants to talk here and want their 2c and ppl think it’s trolling. its difficult to have a discussion here

This isn’t true. Nearly all of my flagged posts are restored. People flag for more reasons than because something was supposedly against the rules. They flag in hopes to get people in trouble and they also flag because they disagree with someone.

I’ve noticed that the flag bomb squad is real here on the forum. Disagreeing with certain posters means you’ll likely get flagged a lot soon enough.

You do not appear to be one of the people I was referring to. Unless you’re saying that you are…


I’m going to point this out what Vrak has been trying to explain to Nelfas:

In otherwords, making accusations of this person did this, this person did that. It isn’t productive for the discussion or the forums. Nelfas was wondering why their thread kept getting locked, and Vrak explained the same thing over and over. When it comes to flagging, we really do not know who flagged who. We don’t have access to that sort of information, and it isn’t something any of the Customer Support Staff or Forum Moderation would reveal to us.

This whole “they did this” really needs to stop.


Mornin’ fam.

Daily support for account wide ignores. Btags as identifiers. This thread reads like a fever dream; I hope you all break free of the spiral for a few hours and have a wonderful Friday.

Also Happy Mommas Day to all our soul kin mommas out there putting up with our sillyness. May your weekend be filled with a plentiful return of appreciation, good memories and wealths of love you cultivate in our worlds.



i highly doubt its mainly lurkers thats reporting our posts
but the ones who are adamantly pressing the tos/coc/accusing ppl
of sockpupptery, trolling, offtopic and derail. it isnt productive
but that keeps happening and those who try to defend themselves get snark.
its tiresome its annoying n those accusations happen way more than any other.

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Like seriously, do you have any proof of who is flagging?

Honestly, as everyone has been told, if they feel a post is violating the Code of Conduct, report it. The same goes for you, if you feel someone is violating the Code of Conduct, report it. The decision will always come down to the moderation on whether the post has breached the Code of Conduct, not you, not me, not everyone else who uses the forums.


sadly ive reported many posts but it doesnt get looked if its not 3 reports.
ppl can tell me it does even if 1 doesnt but i dont believe it. ive reported a posts
that dont get looked at and im sick of it lol it almost feels pointless to do at times

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Just because it feel like it may have no been looked at, doesn’t mean it has been looked at. Sometimes moderation doesn’t removed the flag of such post if they haven’t found it to be breach. I’ve seen this a lot all over the forums, some post would remain flagged, even if reported by multiple people to be hidden.

One thing that does make it hard though for moderation is when everyone just keeps engaging with person, long after the person does report, despite multiple times people getting told to report, and don’t engage.


then moderations NEEDS to be better. theres no way someone needs to say to go die and im the only one to report yet ppl here wanna mass flag bc someone dont want btags so that needs immediate attention is so stupid. what mod doesnt think that isnt important enough? ive stopped reporting mostly bc i cannot one man army ppl when others have a whole squad to report. just doesnt feel fair at all.

If someone is making a real life threat, then yes, it should be reported. But as I said, I can’t confirm on who is flagging who. Trust me, I get a ton of post still flagged, but I tend to just ignore them and let moderation deal with the post. If people here are flagging your post in this thread, then don’t try and worry about it. If moderation doesn’t find anything wrong with it, they’ll just restore it or ignore the flag and let it stay flagged.

And I know the feeling when someone makes a real-life threat and it feels like they get away with it, as this thread will tell you.


While moderation can indeed be better, I fail to see what AWI has to do with this.

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I just got a “system” message that one of my posts was flagged. How do we tell what post was flagged? At the bottom of the system message it has a “Remove” icon. What does it remove? The flagged post or remove the flag?

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It greatly reduces several things that help moderation work load:

  • Greatly reduced ability to interact with the PERSON you don’t want to talk to.
  • Avoids bickering, arguments, derailing related to that person.
  • That person does not get to pretend to be someone else to engage a target in forum combat infinite times. Nobody has to keep guessing if that person needs to go on ignore again - only AFTER things devolve.
  • Reduced harassment - just like in-game Ignore is account wide so people can’t hop on alts to keep messaging a target. It does make it a much better place for individual posters - and reduces flags related to harassment/trolling of individuals.
  • Fewer reports go in, and fewer derailed threads/arguments for mods to clean up.

We can also reduce support contacts further by having account wide Trust levels, account wide post history/post count, account wide flags/likes, etc.

  • Less false flagging by hopping alts to do it
  • Fewer tickets asking where TL3 went because someone changed a char name or server transferred
  • Fewer complaints about sock puppets when it is no longer possible to pretend to be different people. Same Bnet account = one human. I still want our chars as avatars of course.

They could clean this place up a lot and reduce the flags, bickering, off topic derailment, concern trolling by “characters”, etc. Win win for everyone except the people who like to pretend to be someone else to stir the pot.

Anyway, good morning all! Reminder that Bnet account level forum accounts like the rest of the forums are win, esp if we can keep char avatars.

Comfy beverages for all!

:coffee: :teapot: :bubble_tea: