Can we exterminate the Horde

Too be fair thalysra is much older than jaina and yet she cowers during the bfa scenario where you save talanji

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Exterminating the Horde is a problem of the Horde. They keep going at themselves all the time. Just grab popcorn.

I say we exterminate both factions and come up with two completely new ones.

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but hey, we changed a picture no one ever saw into a bowl of fruit!

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If i could join that faction i would in a heartbeat.

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True. Priorities and all that

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Don’t worry, now that we know Turalyon is going to be the next High King I am sure he will take a “less forgiving” stance on Horde behavior. He is an old school solider, Anduin was always more of a politician and peacemaker.

Calling it now. Turalyons gonna be a raid boss

Ok, so we take the Tauren and the Highmountain, add in the Taunka (which are already part of the Horde even though we can’t play them grrrr) and get a less hostile faction of the Yaungol and we make an all Bovine faction!

I am fine with that, provided you are raiding him as he watches Orgrimmar burn.

Meh i don’t care for org. Im an elf

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Too bad Blizzard pitted the Elves against one another. Just think of all we could have accomplished as a once again united nation. The world was once ours and nothing could stand against us.

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So long as tyrande isnt the leader or sole leader i can live with that

I’d also accept a lightforged paladin with hundreds of years of experience fighting the Burning Legion. A guy who was previously commander of the Alliance military and a revered hero of the second war that we had just gotten back.

Then again compared to Anduin, I’d also have accepted if we just pulled Topper McNabb off the streets of Stormwind and put him in charge.


Yeah, I don’t fault Anduin for his inexperience. I fault those around him with all that combat experience just letting him lead the combined army from one near wipe into another. I mean just look how dumb the entire battle for the Undercity was. You mean not one of his “advisors” stopped to think that attacking what is basically a blight production factor without a plan to deal with it was a good idea?

I mean it’s not like we haven’t seen the Forsaken using gas masks before…

Loved going all blight happy in that quest. That said

I still wonder why they need gass masks. They’re undead, they dont breath.

Hey, your elf leader had her chance at shooting her vengeance shot but she wussed out at the last minute and let that woman steal her shine. It ain’t our faults, most of us sided with Saurfang, and that’s backed by the data.

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Sure right after we take care of about 80% of the Alliance

Ugh they marked that? Joy now its gonna be come dumb “canon” that all horde did.

What was the point of the loyalists questline if we we’re just gonna be ignored :confused:

It’s where I keep my stuff though

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