Can we expect more Azshara nerfs soon?

Can’t post links so it would be pointless. I don’t need to get on my main account for my thread to be about mythic. You can just stay upset and thing I’m talking about heroic.

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You’re a level 31 Druid in Classic, but your own standard, you don’t even belong within 100 miles of this thread.

Yes, you can post links. You do it like so:

Here’s a hint to what I’m doing just on my recently leveled warrior alt and I’ll probably be 7/8 by this weekend:


3/8M isn’t impressive man. And if you’re “7/8” by the weekend, that sounds like a paid carry at this point.

That’s fine, if that’s your thing.

That’s just my warrior alt… And no, it’s not some paid carry. We are just to the point of being able to run 435+ alts through. This warrior is also 1520 IO already, but I guess I could have paid for dozens of 15 carries there too, right?

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I’m at least showing proof, he has shown zero and just makes excuses. Here’s my recently leveled warrior’s redacted IO page:


That’s not really proof at all because anyone can snapshot those from anyone else’s stuff. Show me an actual screenshot, showing the whole game with achievements tab interface, and redact dates and names.

Like you did ?

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Just for you Bispirath

Still 3/8M. Could still be from anyone else.

Still unimpressive. Seriously, you’re just embarassing yourself at this point.

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It’s an alt that hit 120 a month ago…

Here’s your big list of crowning achievements:

And yes, they show for your whole account. Why do you think people have been using classic characters on the forums lately? It’s to prevent people from doing this to each other lol…

No, they don’t.

Check the title.

Yes they do, you’re on a second account that’s linked to your primary account. Titles are shared and a few other things are as well. You won’t use your main account because you don’t want to get called out lol… So for your other account, that you’ve been using since legion, you haven’t done much.

I only have 1 account.

They don’t. It’s fine dude, it’s just one more thing you’ve been wrong about.

He’s still in here asking for proof of things, this is really sad.

Alright, I take it back. I guess they did finally fix that. It was a big issue for a while where even if your character was set to show only character specific achievements, it would still show everything on the armory for your entire account if you clicked the achievements page. That’s a recent thing.

Still, show your proof then that you’re doing so much better and don’t pull what the paladin did where you grabbed an ultra cropped image from inspecting someone.

You get the title, asking for more is really embarassing, quit while you have a shred of dignity left, Mr. 3/8M.

Ahh yeah, alright, you’ve got the title for it. Was thinking that was one from a previous raid. Okay, so you’re cleared then. And like I said, I’m just showing what’s on this warrior only because I’m done playing my healer until they balance them out better and I canceled that account until 8.3.

The paladin still hasn’t shown anything reputable though.

My guild is in this thread laughing at you.