Can we ask for more privacy features in forums to feel more secure?

I don’t care what many people say on these forums when they instantly start ridiculing me or my ideas. I really don’t care. I can immediately tell they’re looking to boost ego from the shadows which is actually weak minded. My favorites are people with a gang of forum trolls/bots who mark a topic or comment and it’s hidden from the public. As they did with this topic.

you look awfully familiar.


Be advised that it is actionable to make claims that so and so is someones alt.

Just don’t read click on the threads you don’t want to read, but if you do then just don’t read them, and if you do accidentally read them then don’t comment on them.

On this forum this isn’t true at all. Why do you keep making up stuff that doesn’t have anything to do with this forum? Saying something like this would result in an account action here.


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the moderator said nelfas can make another thread on this topic.


If you have to go anonymous to say something then you probably shouldn’t be saying it. Also says a lot about the type of person you are.


Let me start by this:

Point #1:

You do not start a thread with this. The entire purpose of the forums is to have discussions. If you feel that someone is trolling the forums, or you feel that someone is violating the Forum Code of Conduct, you should report it. Including something like this is more than likely is going to cause unrest on the forums, and is going to get the thread locked.

Point #2:

You do not include the part of accusing people of being “stalkers” when looking at someone’s armories. People who tend to look at someones armories usually looks for all different reasons, some for transmog ideas, some to have a look at the cool mounts you may have collected, etc.

These sort of things are not productive, and will lead to arguments.

These sort of things in ways to open up a thread is going to cause a lot of back-and-forths within the community, and by doing this, you’re just making it hard on moderation to deal with the forums.

As Vrak has said to you specifically:

Some things you do not start opening a thread with, especially the starting of the name calling and accusations. These sort of things are not productive to the forums, and will cause more drama, and will get your threads locked/deleted.


here to always add daily support for implementing more features to enhance privacy here on the forums :slight_smile:

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never said they couldnt
But if you look above this post you’ll see someone literally doing what that mod said NOT to do in those notes.
(edit…unless they literally just edited lol)

So this ISNT going to go any better than the last thread.

if someone is posting something that the moderator said we shouldn’t do, just ignore it and report it.

then we can have a civil discussion regarding this topic.

OP is not breaking any rules whatsoever here


We rarely agree but on this we do.


Be advised that the moderator in the other thread has already made it clear that making claims of peoples alts is actionable. So, you might want to stop this practice unless you want a vacation.


Where are my stalker’s? I know I run my mouth all the time, and yet no one has messaged me in game. I even posted my Battlenet ID in previous threads.

  • but any such call outs, accusations of trolling, sock-puppeting,
  • Accusations of Trolling
  • X is Y’s alt
  • Accusing each other of reporting posts, mass reporting, false reporting,
  • who may be alts or switching characters to report or otherwise sock-puppet

When someone is asking to be more safe in here, they HAVE TO STATE WHY they dont feel safe.
That leaves them HAVING to discuss the above to explain WHY they want more security measures.
All of those are now under threat of being actioned according to the notes as a whole.

Additional penalties possible, but I’d rather not.

edit…and this affects BOTH sides of this because BOTH sides have something they do/accuse on that list.

How about… no.


The post that the OP copied that stuff into related to yet an earlier post of the same topic made a couple of weeks ago. So this current one has to be …what…No. 3? More? So they were told they could make that new post,which was closed 5 hours ago.

Moderation Note: No, they were told they could make this one.

Ah ok, my mistake, I backtracked to the earlier post which seemed to indicate that it related to yet an older one.

PS: I think its probably wise if I act on an earlier instinct and just vacate the post. Maybe go get that capuccino calling me and play the game.


The forums need less anonymity, not more. People use anonymity as a license to troll.


Vrak, were they allowed to put it into a context where opening up the way that will cause a bit of drama with accusations and name calling? I know you said that these sort of things aren’t productive, but just wondering is all…

Moderation Note: I’m only seeing general statements against that, and why they want the features they do, no direct call outs. I’ve removed everything else I saw. Let’s just let this one ride.

Leaving soon, everyone be nice.

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Another thread on this topic equals a mute from me and will be muting future of these threads from now on.

As Jaesears said, The cons of anon posting outweigh the positives.

There has been studies online that have been posted in these past threads by people who posted in those threads, there has been examples how anon posting could be bad posted in those threads, you also have someone here who was on a site where you can post anonymously and that anon told that individual to unsubscribe from life. Anonymous posting isn’t going to make the forums a better place, instead its just going to be a breeding ground of toxicity because people that can post anonymously can say whatever they want with zero repercussion, you can say that there are rules around here and mods will enforce them all you want but that Anon doesn’t care about the rules and just wants to be troll, a douchebag or hateful.

Considering how these threads go, they arent productive, you see the camp for Anon posting saying Nuh uhs to anyone that disagrees with them and wont provide a counter argument beyond “Nuh uh”, you have both sides bickering etc. its part of the reason that I would be muting these Anon posting threads, unless they get better but till then they are muted.


People also check other people’s armory to determine if they’re just another sock in a long pattern of trolling and abusive behavior.

I’d like more transparency and less privacy.