Can we all agree that Drake/Whelp crests should be BOA

after hitting a certain point gear-wise, drake and whelp crests/frags just take up bag space. It would be nice to be able to use them on an alt instead of just vendoring them.


Completely agree.

I’d even appreciate a vendor that lets us upgrade them to the next tier… something even like a 10/1 ratio I’d accept at this point.

Having both options would be preferable :grin:


The whole upgrade system this patch cycle is craptastic. More crap in the bags. It’s infuriating.


I felt the same way about those tokens that let you upgrade the gear from the Forbidden Reach.

But yes! Crests should be account bound and there should be an item that you can buy with frags that compiles them into your bag to ship them off to another toon (Eg. 100 frags = 1 ‘Box of Frags’ when opened, receive 100 frags).


It’ll be a later on thing like anima crates im sure.


Honestly they and their shards really should be. More so enchanters and idk JC should be able to take them and idk combine 15 drake into one wyrm maybe… just so the upgrade system doesn’t hard force Mythic plus and raiding and give the finger to those of us who don’t do those things. I mean give people a more dead set reason to farm them by making it like 15 drake makes a wyrm and 15 wyrm makes an aspect crest or something. Gives Enchanters and JC more business as well as people would want their lower crests upgraded to higher ones and it takes enough of the lower ones it’d make you have to stop and think on if you truly wish to do it

Actually I don’t agree but blizzard being desperate blizzard will likely do it anyway

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but the great vault coins can be used to buy wyrm crests at 2 coins each. This means if you just clear 7 lfr bosses (Currently 6 out), take coins instead of an item and buy 3 wyrm crests each week you can either make an enchanted wyrm crest to upgrade crafted items to 437 or use those wyrm crests to upgrade items from timewalking raid boxes or the weekly heroic dungeon quest to 437.

This works out to roughly 1 437 item a week without doing any player made group content. You can even catalyze the 437 items you upgrade into tier later on (But not the crafted ones).


I did hear that there going to go into the currancy tab soon

So thats a plus

Should be an account flag if you have a character ilvl 428 or higher, welps and drakes become account bound.

Should also be able to buy a bag of flightstones with the crests

Should also be able to buy up in crests instead of down… like I’d easily pay 2 or 3 drakes for a wyrm.

So many QoL things they could do but do not.


It’s annoying it takes them so long to apply that though.

For alt friendly stuff, they should apply this from the get-go. You’re still applying effort, it’s just less of a muck around and time-waster which just cheeses the player off / makes them not want to play the game due to feeling burnt out.

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Agreed, as is I 9nly have 2 real focus classes warrior dps and pally tank, and keeping them semi close in gear and score has been an anoyance.

Currency tab would be nice. Don’t need to be account bound. Play the char you want to upgrade.

It would definitely encourage gearing up alts to do real content.

BOA and/or have a trade-up mechanic so that we can use them to get higher rank crests at a loss.

I don’t even know what they are so I agree that they should be…

checks title

BoA. Good idea.

I am indifferent to the change, after all both of those can be earned thru world content. So I am not sure that it would hurt the game any really.

Yep. Just attach it to an achievement and/or rating requirement, and we’re good to go.

It’s not boa as Blizzard wants to punish you for playing an alt.

The currency for Season 2 gear upgrades …