Can Void elves make more?

(Nicodemùs) #62

Blizzard is on record as saying that Void Elves are looking for a way to make more.

But right now there is no way to make more Void Elves, at least not the kind that we have playable. Alleria’s methods of harnessing the Void is quite different than the process that transformed Sin’dorei into Ren’dorei and perhaps those methods will be the way forward. We’ll have to wait and see on that. Perhaps it will coincide with more customzation options (even if I find that unlikely).

With that said, it just isn’t plausible to expect that any significant number of sane individuals would voluntarily saddle themselves with maddening whispers for the rest of their lives just to be a better shadow priest. There are far safer paths to power.

(Volley) #63

There are High Elf Wayfarers in the Telogrus Rift, so yes, there can be more Void Elves. They don’t all have to be Blood Elves that were kicked out of the Horde.

(Starlagosa) #64

No one knows yet.
There are people that seem to be there researching, studying, so it’s a good assumption that they might find a way to make more.

(Atalanta) #65

I don’t think it’s been conclusively shown that they can make more yet. The High Elf Wayfarers, as far as I know, are there to study the Void Elves and their magic, not to become Void Elves themselves.

Whether they figure out how, and whether or not they decide to, is an entirely different matter. Though… High Elves historically stepped away from the Blood Elf power hunger mentality, so I’m not sure that they would choose to become Void Elves for any particular reason (what would be their motivation?).

(Volley) #66

That’s the very thing I’m pointing out, it is indeed possible some High Elves will study and choose to take in the Void, others will remain High Elves.

(Atalanta) #67

I was only clarifying that they’re not proven to make more yet. The way you worded it was “yes there can be more”, but that may not actually be true. The story hasn’t touched on whether or not they can.

(Alamara) #68

Having students in Telogrus is not the same thing as creating more void elves.

(Tymberlea) #69

That is why I use Satyrs as a comparison. Harpies are hatched (apparently, parthenogenically) - as we know from being tasked with destroying their hatcheries. But Satyrs are made - according to lore, voluntarily.

Trafficking in dangerous forces in a mad bid for power is kind of an Elven thing - and why High Elves became estranged from more cautious-minded Night Elves to begin with.

If Illidari will put their eyes out to become Demon Hunters, I can well imagine plenty of Elves willing to jump throught whatever Void-hoops to become Rendorei.


“Well son, when a mommy void elf and a daddy faceless one cross paths, unspeakable things happen”

Try watching some adult anime if you want to know the whole story.


I suggested this idea on the old forums and everyone whined that it was a high elf thread. But I love this idea and would want it to happen.

(Nicodemùs) #73

The difference with Void Elves is… these aren’t power hungry, out of their minds individuals. These are people who were changed, against their will, into what they are now. And they specifically fear the things they’ve learned being misused. Their goals consist of harnessing the Void safely, intelligently, and to keep control of their own minds, while preventing less morally and mentally stable individuals from tapping into the Void as they have.

The kinds of individuals who would want to be transformed in this way, and would want to have maddening whispers plaguing their thoughts till they die, are exactly the kind of people Umbric is afraid of learning the secrets of the Void as Void Elves have.

Since Umbric and the Void Elves will be the ones controlling both the transformation process and determining who is or isn’t a viable candidate, they will almost certainly filter out quite a few applicants. The morally bereft, the less than sane, the weak of will, all of these will not make the cut thus cutting down on who get’s to become a Void Elf. Umbric and Alleria aren’t just going to take anyone.

This filtering process alone limits how many Void Elves there can be. The fact that sane individuals have multiple, far safer, paths to power to choose from, will limit that number even further.

(Nicodemùs) #74

Dude… there were like 12…

A few hundred? A few thousand? LOL

There are far and away more High Elves than there are Void Elves. Void Elves were a squad… not an army. It only looks like there’s more than that because of Blizzard’s “theres as many as we need there to be” philosophy when making game content. In actuality, Umbric and his followers were a handful of individuals. That’s it. It’ll be awhile before they have even a hundred Ren’dorei… never mind a thousand.


I wish they had done a starting zone and back story better than what they ended up with. HMT and NF were way better, even if you had to learn via the Legion stories.


More like an Ethereal Elf.


Crowlay and Selesnya sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G :kiss:


She is a void elf. A different kind though.

She turned into one when she sucked a Dark Naaru’s essence by accident. She hears whispers, she has the very same void powers Void Elves have (and even masters them), she also has a void form, which works exactly the same way Entropic Embrace works.

Just because she retained her nice High Elf skin (because she did not fall into Durzaam’s trap) does not mean she’s not a Void Elf. Void Elves are not exclusively those who were void infused by Durzaam. It’s like saying Lightforged Draenei are only those Vindicator Draenei who undergo the ritual. No, any Draenei who’d undergo such a ritual or a similar one to infuse themselves with the Light and gain the same powers would qualify too as Lightforged Draenei.


“NO we do not drink blood. That’s the San’layn—totally different emo elf.”

(Alamara) #80

That’s a big copout.

If she shares neither appearance nor origin with the void elves, why is she a void elf? Is she a void elf or a high elf with void powers?

(Selesnya) #81


Hell to the no, lol.

(Trosek) #82

I think so far in this war campaign we have killed FAR FAR more than just a crack squad of elite void elves. They are reproducing somehow.