Can’t scroll character select menu on Firefox for iPhone

(Pizzadahutt) #1

The two characters I post on are both at the very bottom of the character select menu. That is stupid by itself, but compounding that issue is that I can’t scroll the character select menu to select those characters. I can search for those characters but there are old toons with the same name on old servers above them and I’d have to scroll past those duplicates for one toon making it nearly impossible to select my DK. This is on my iPhone with iOS 12.2 using Firefox. It scrolls fine on my iPad.


This is the OP, but it wouldn’t let me reply with an update on this issue because “another player needs to respond first”. If I simply edited the OP instead of replying then the update would almost certainly be missed. As a result, I’m posting on another toon. I don’t want to spam, just drawing a bit of attention towards a workaround that I found for the inability to scroll on Firefox for iPhone that might help troubleshoot the problem. I have an iPhone 7 if the specific model makes a difference.

If I just click “change character” and try to scroll the character menu then there’s no difference and I can’t scroll the choose character menu.

Here’s the workaround I’ve found to help troubleshoot:

  1. Click on “change character” to open the change character menu
  2. Click on the filter search box. I don’t even have to type anything in the search box. I can hit “done” on the iPhone keyboard. if I want to even without typing anything in and it will still scroll. Once I’ve selected the filter search box then I can scroll the choose character menu. I have to do that every time I open the change character menu.