Can’t progress past the Chamber

(Toralici) #1

I got the heart forge achievement and now nothing. On my map I can see a quest to pick up Colderra but no npc is in the chamber to give it. I don’t know how to further test.


The quest is Coldarra Case. And I am also unable to progress further as the NPC who has this quest isn’t visible in the Chamber of the Heart, however, the quest remains visible on the mini map.

I have tried exiting the Chamber, relogging, and resetting my UI to default with no success.

(Zidko) #3

I am having this issue too. I saw the dragonflight npcs for a split second when I turned in the Maelstrom quest to MOTHER but they just vanished again right away


What is it you’re trying to progress? The final step would be for the cosmetic appearance rank of Crucible of Flame, but none of the cosmetic appearance ranks are enabled in this PTR. They will be enabled in a future build.


Once you complete the quest turn-ins, you’re done for this build. Go out, try Mechagon/Robodrome/Ashran or just play/test the different essences in the world.

(Zidko) #5

Then why is this quest showing on the map?

And I have only received 1 minor slot in addition to the major one

(Dvis) #6

The progression of the questline and the availability of the slots are two forks of the Heart Chamber quest. The questline initially allows you to use the major essence slot, and then as you progress the AP for the neck, the other steps open up, granting you higher ranks of the crucible of flame.

You won’t see it in-game on the PTR but the Emerald Dream part requires HoA level 54, and the Vermillion Redoubt part requires HoA level 58. Then, once you hit HoA level 70, that last part w/ Kalecgos opens up, and you can get the Rank 4 crucible of flame.

That’s completely separate from the essence slots. You’ll get the major essence slot when you initially start this questline, then at HoA level 55 you’ll get the second essence slot (1st minor) and then at HoA level 65 you’ll get the third essence slot (2nd minor).

The PTR just condenses & accelerates everything for testing purposes.