Can Sylvanas Loyalists Get Their Own MMO?

(Dliver) #1

I don’t think I want to play with Horde traitors and Thrall lickers… let us free to serve the true Horde from these radicals!


…who the FEL is licking Thrall?!

(Dliver) #3

Do you have to ask?

(Hotaruu) #4

I think Sylvanas should form her own faction and split from the Horde. I’d join in a heartbeat.

Same for Tyrande. She doesn’t need to bow to some stupid child- king. My Alliance toons would gladly join her faction too.

(Dliver) #5

That’d be kind of cool - adding more factions but making them a bit less meaningful (especially in PvE) so we can team up with the Thrall-lickers without demeaning our own standards.

(Pomorghön) #6

It had to be a male Belf lol


(Kaath) #7

Two factions is fine. The Horde and the Alliance. But have the coward, bootlickers Thrall, Saurfang, Baine and Lor’themar continue eating scraps from Aunduin’s table. Allow anyone that wants to follow the boy king after Thrall bends the knee can join the Alliance.

(Stompypotato) #8

Oooo. Never been called a left wing radical before. Today is shaping up to be an interesting day.

(Eiry) #9

Yeah, I’m all in favor of booting the Sylvanas bootlickers from the game. Get on it Blizz.

(Nate) #10

“Envy Green” isn’t a good color on you wolf boi


I’d only support the Tyrande part if Genn goes with her. Then I’ll return to Alliance more than just rep grinding. Tired of people wearing rage on their sleeves in the Alliance.


They should at least get their own faction so the rest of us don’t have to deal with these dorks.


no blood elves allowed in this new faction.

(Chosen) #14

It’s called WoW retail.

(Vyline) #15

What’s Sylvanas’ signature saying… what was it again? Oh yeah!

Death to the living.

Says all one needs to know about Sylvanas.


We have our own MMO, it’s World of Warcraft. If you don’t like it, you can kneel in front of Anduin.