Can someone take responsibility for once?

I swear I keep seeing stuff like this all the time with hotfixes / patches whenever there is a developer note. Whenever I see this I feel like I’m being treated like a child / idiot.


  • Increased the damage of Lava Burstby 10%.
    • Developers’ note: This change is to counter the 10% damage reduction to Lava Burst in patch 9.0.5 which was primarily intended as a change to Elemental Shaman.

You reverted the nerf because it was uncalled for / a bad call in general, not because it was “intended for Elemental Shamans”… ffs it was even in the official patch notes for BOTH Elemental and Restoration.

Just admit fault (no developer or studio is perfect, we get that) or don’t say anything at all. This whole attitude of “everything is intended, we never screw up” is really starting to show… not just in the little things like this but in the game as a whole.


Man people find the pickiest things to whine about on GD

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It’s part of a bigger problem that affects the entire game, this is really just an example of the attitude / ego problem at the moment. Which is likely the cause of almost every single issue with the game and complaint you see on the forums.


Ironically, you know what is a pretty childish behavior? Assuming you know someone’s motivations better than they do.

You mean… essentially what a designers job is?

Come here often? :rofl:

GD is the dumping ground for everything… You get threads ranging from gaming to fast food to the “trigger terms” of the week. This is comedy.

Nothing better than being told that SL sucks by people who openly admit to never buying it. Or the insane number of quit threads where the people never leave… like ever… like the same complaints from the same people for 3 expansions…

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When your head is as far up your own rear as the current WoW devs, do you really expect them to take responsibility for their general stupidity?


I do actually, and yes most of it is the same ol same ol we’ve all seen for the last 15 years lol.

However, there are some valid concerns or issues brought up that I feel stem from this issue as (in my opinion at least) only a designer with an insanely large ego would allow some of these things to happen or go live.

It’s hilarious becasue everyone called this out as Rsham damage output was not even high in comparison to what a disc and ESPECIALLY a Holy Paladin could do. They just flat out didn’t listen to feedback then apparently immediately flip-flopped.


You’d think with Ion as the director that shaman changes would have a little bit more thought put into them.

Then again, he’s a gray parser, so.