Can someone actually verify how much "bad luck protection" does for the legendary?

I’ve killed Fyrakk every week every mode except for mythic since release basically and just wish I had some numbers to verify

No, but I’ve seen a lot of people getting it since the hotfix and the increase is retroactive, so your chances are probably pretty good now if you really have been farming him religiously.

Next week is your week for sure!

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What hotfix? Thanks for the information

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Their are no numbers to report sadly. Players don’t know, GM’s don’t know/aren’t allowed to answer. Something about it breaks company policy.

I think your odds are somewhere between getting the Love Rocket to drop and getting Invincible to drop.

They can do this, but it is against policy to let players know these sorts of numbers.

I don’t think they give numbers unfortunately (for any drop rate, not only this).

If you haven’t done raid then you might be in luck - I do hear that a lot more people are getting it. If you did raid before the buff, there is always next week to look forward to.

Why? If you do Heroic that gives you the same chance as running LFR/Normal and Heroic lol

Heres a thing that Wowhead did to figure that out.

If Wowhead’s research is correct, you can find out in the article they posted. Supposedly I’ll have around a 30% chance next week.

That’s the claim, but nothing has been verified. I just wish Blizzard would cleanly and clearly lay out how the system works.

I think you really just wish that it would drop.

While I would like it to, I would prefer if Blizzard goes back to the legendary questlines of Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm. If not, then at least tell us plainly what the chances are and what the bad luck protection actually does.