Can not unlock Kultiran

I have done every single quest associated with the quest line and then some. Followed a guide after going through and doing almost everything in the first 3 zones and didnt know where to go next.

I have every achievement noted there except for one, “A Nation United” my achievement tracker shows that I have all parts completed but I do not have actual credit. I’ve turned on trivial quest tracking, and flown all around the map…nothing shows up in the area wowhead shows the quest is supposed to start. I’ve already wasted 3 or 4 days worth of playtime trying to unlock this race just to say I’ve done them all but I’m seriously about to just give up…This quest line has been so broken it’s not even funny. I’ve had to drop and retake multitude of quests. Leave the zone and come back because of phasing problems, had quest mobs not show up, etc…Honestly feels like I’m playing an early alpha version of the game but this is content that has been ‘live’ for years.

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It’s possible that there’s something you can only do once you reach the level cap. That recently got raised to 60 in BfA, so you might need to level up to 60 to finish this.

character is 60, got about halfway through Drustvar before 60 lol, that’s just some random toon not even sure why it was the toon i was posting on.

I also cannot complete this.
I do know you have to have completed the quests all on the same character, which I have done. I have everything done on one toon except for Pride of Kul Tiras. I got a quest tracker addon that shows the quests I’ve completed (because it’s been a while and I forgot where I was in the line).
I have completed the first 6 quests and must of abandoned the Tol Dagor quest, and am unable to reaquire it. Flynn only has some quest about Freehold.
The more I read about this race the more it seems just bugged. Too many people having trouble completing it.