Can nelf players stop gate keeping the horde

In shadowlands lands we are finally getting a lot of choice when it comes to what story you want to do, want to help kael’thas on his journay you can do that, don’t want to help him, you dont have to you can pick a different covenant.
One of the biggest complaint I saw from horde players in bfa, is the fact they where forced to help with the burning. Many horde players where upset at being railroaded like this. Now in shadowlands if a player so whats too, they can help Tyrande in her quest to free the nelf souls and stop sylvanas, Yet I am starting to see so many nelf players upset that the horde, if they so pick will be able to do this questline, why? Why deny a horde player who wants to help who wants to do a questline like this deny them the chance in their own story (cause we all know we’ll never get any info on which canon hero did what story) to help the nelves they hurt, to help take them to the proper afterlife. So many of these nelf posters complain that the horde has done nothing to deserve surviving, but they cant do anything if you try to make blizzard remove any chance of doing something.

I suppose the scars of bfa story wise will last till wow dies who knows from now


Nothing to see here, just move on


a discussion about aversion to choice after complaining about choice isnt against the rules


Frankly, I see a lot more Horde players upset that they have to work with Tyrande, rather than Nelf players upset that the Horde can work with Tyrande.

I mean, I’ve said before I’d rather canonically the Alliance rescue the souls, but that’s far from a “complaint”, as much as a note.


I see that alot, I just dont think its too weird, for horde players to be upset alot of them arent reading the spoilers and they are just thinking of valsharah so I cant blame them for that.

True I’d want that too, if blizzard was ever gonna point it out, but they might, might not, so no sense in worrying about it too much.

Maybe I’ve missed it but I don’t remember seeing any night elf posters upset about the horde player being able to help.


its mainly on twitter, but theres some here, mostly stuff along the lines that only the nelves should help the souls

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Oh, well who gives a crap about those people? Twitter people will tweet, forum posters will post.


theres be a bit of posts here too, just mostly twitter, I just feel its more and more a issue as the story goes on, especially as it seems that nelf players like the story. Like the more they like it, the more they feel horde players shouldnt be a part of it

Because what they actually want is an excuse to crap on other players. And they don’t want Blizzard to take away that excuse.

I see nothing wrong with this particular Katiera post.


I remain in favor of, whenever a faction-specific NPC is brought into the story, for the opposite faction to be able to select mirroring quests with NPCs from their own faction.

Taking the Ardenweald campaign as an example.

When it comes to Tyrande, Shandris, and the souls of the Night Elves lost at Teldrassil, I think that’s an automatic experience for Alliance players, but Horde players should be given the option to do something similar, with NPCs from their own faction. Instead of joining Shandris to go to the Maw to look for Tyrande and save the Night Elf souls, a Horde player should have the option to, say, join Rastakan in going to the Maw to free Zandalari souls that Bwonsamdi was unable to save.

Likewise when it comes time for stuff with Vol’jin, I think Horde players should obviously automatically help Vol’jin out, but Alliance players should instead be able to opt into helping Ashamane achieve rebirth and what not instead.


I disaggree, the faction war, has never been at the forefront of the game, despite what the devs say, in the story the alliance and horde always work together, the faction war at this point is one of the many things actually wrong with the story. It gimps it more than anything else and it stopped making sense, several xpacs ago and with sylvanas out of the horde, the last reason for its existence is gone


This has nothing to do with the faction war. At least, not from where I stand. My opinion is based on giving players the option to have the most optimal experience for themselves.

So, if a player wants to play the, “Main Storyline,” regardless of faction, then yeah, that Horde player will help Shandris and Tyrande, and that Alliance player will help Vol’jin. However, if those players want a faction specific story, where they get to interact more with their own faction’s NPCs, enjoy some development with those characters, then I think the game can only be enriched from that choice.


By removing options lol, shadowlands isnt a faction xpac, and it shouldn’t be have plenty of faction centic xpacs, I am glad that every now and then, blizzard puts those resources that are wasted on faction centric quests and puts them somewhere better

Crowngarde’s suggestion adds an option, not removes it. He’s not proposing taking away the ability to work with the other faction’s characters.


How is giving players an option, removing options? I’m not saying Horde players can ONLY help Rastakan save Zandalari souls in the Maw. They can do that, OR help Tyrande and Shandris.

if only game development worked that way, adding more quests takes time, time that blizzard cant recover. So yes if they added what he wanted, something else in the game would have to suffer.
Cause now that you added this to adrenweald blizzard will have to add it to all the covenants snowballing the whole thing

I’m no developer, but the assets tend to exist as is. The mechanics of the quests remain the same. The only difference would be dialogue and plugging in different characters. Its not as if Rastakan needs a brand new model for this.

assests isnt everything, if it was, the loyalist would have a real questline

That is what happens when Lena takes a forum break.

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